What is a tactical vest for dogs

A tactical vest is a piece of equipment worn by some dogs that are used in law enforcement or military operations. These vests are designed to protect the dog from being stabbed or shot and they also help identify the dog’s rank and role. Tactical vests for dogs are usually made of ballistic nylon or … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Australian Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle is famous for its gentle nature. Besides, its adorable appearance makes it the best breed among other dog breeds. Knowing the breed of your dog must be the first thing on your to-do list before getting a dog pet. Every dog breed has certain characteristics that may or may not suit your criteria. … Read more

Best Dog Breeds in India for Home [2022]

When owning a dog there are lots of things that come into consideration. Owning a dog is just more than a show-off. There are a lot of criteria like protecting the house, being a good watchdog, must be interactive with strangers, should not cause any harm, having friendly behavior, etc, and the list goes on. … Read more