10 Reasons Why the Aviator Game Is So Popular in India

With its simple rules, fast-paced action and interactive elements, it is no surprise that Aviator has grown in popularity worldwide, including among players in India. Here is a rundown of why Aviator has gained so many fans.

1. Simple to play

The developers at Spribe have created a game with a very simple premise. In each round, a virtual plane takes off and passes through various sets of multipliers. Players place their wagers and then decide at what point to cash out before the plane flies away, ending the round.

2. Fast-paced action

Aviator rounds can last for just a few seconds, giving the game a dynamic quality. Players are required to stay on their toes as they decide how much to bet before the plane takes off and when to cash out before it flies away with their money!

3. High return to player (RTP) percentage

One way to judge the potential profitability of a casino game is the RTP percentage, which indicates how much of the money wagered is returned to a player. For slot games, anything over 96% is good, with Aviator offering 97%. As a game of chance, players can still lose more than they bet.

4. Social and interactive

The interactive element is one of the reasons why Aviator has become so popular. There is a live chat function that offers the chance to message other players. In addition, all live bets are displayed in each round, so players can watch how everyone else is wagering and cashing out.

5. Offers regular pay-outs

Another statistic that determines whether a casino game is worth playing is the hit ratio. This expresses the percentage of rounds or spins that lead to a pay-out. In general, a hit ratio of 30% or more is considered good. In the Aviator game, the ratio is 43%.

6. Strategies to maximise winnings

While Aviator’s gameplay may look too simple to allow for players to develop strategies, it is possible to bet strategically to try and maximise pay-outs. More experienced players watch for betting patterns on each round in an attempt to predict the optimal time to cash out.

7. Side tournaments

Another feature of the Aviator game is the ability for players to enter side tournaments, which are run daily, weekly and monthly. This is another opportunity to bet and potentially win either pay-outs or bets to use during regular gameplay.

8. Medium volatility

Casino game volatility is stated as low, medium and high. Low volatility games have smaller, more frequent wins, while high volatility games offer higher pay-outs but less often. Aviator has medium volatility, offering a balance between pay-out amount and frequency.

9. Demo mode for practice play

For players new to online casinos or just to Aviator, the demo mode is a useful feature. In this mode, players bet using virtual tokens, which is a good way to become familiar with the game before making any wagers. It also offers the chance to develop some strategies that can be used in real play.

10. Offers something different

Online casinos offer a range of slots and table games, with some now including live casino games. However, by blending elements of online slot play and table games, Aviator promises a new kind of casino experience for both newcomers and experienced players.

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