5 Low Maintenance Pets and How to Keep Them Healthy

Adding a pet to your household can transform its atmosphere. Nevertheless, looking after a pet might be difficult if you share your space with others, have kids, or are often away due to work. This is where pets that require less maintenance come into the picture. These animals still need equal affection and care as any other pet, but they can manage independently without too much fuss. These pets still warrant thorough research and expert consultation before adoption. Here is a compilation of five such pets that are relatively simple to care for.


Throughout history, mice have often been viewed negatively; however, they are incredibly smart and enjoy socializing. This makes them an ideal, low-maintenance pet choice for kids. The fancy white mouse is a particularly popular breed, often used as pets or for scientific research. They distinguish themselves from their wild counterparts through their fur color, tamability, size, and other traits. They are also independent and demonstrate loyalty.

Caring for mice is relatively simple; they only require a cage, some toys, and food to lead a content life as pets. Their cages should be well-aerated and cleaned periodically. As playful creatures, they need time outside their cages to play. They can be allowed to frolic on the sofa or carpet with children, as they love to run around. They become particularly affectionate if raised at a young age. While store-bought mice’s food suits their diet, they also enjoy many of the same foods we eat. Ensure their diet includes a good amount of fruits and vegetables while avoiding unhealthy snacks.


The most well-known and cherished pets in the world are probably dogs. They have a reputation for their persistent loyalty, companionship, and lively nature. If you desire the companionship of a lovable dog, certain breeds require less upkeep. This list includes breeds like:

  • Dachshund
  • Boston terrier
  • Havanese
  • Basset hound
  • Chihuahua

These dogs are lovely friends and enjoy engaging with everyone around them. Every dog is distinctive in its character. However, dogs that require less maintenance generally exhibit lower energy levels, are less active, and are easier to train than their high-maintenance counterparts.

An important part of keeping your dog healthy is keeping its gut health. There are multiple ways for improving dog gut health naturally. Some methods include keeping your pet hydrated, choosing whole foods, focusing on fiber, and limiting simple carbohydrates.

Guinea Pigs

These creatures’ mental well-being can be compromised by solitude; hence, acquiring a companion for them can avert this. Their feeding and care requirements are relatively straightforward, given that a routine is maintained. Furthermore, guinea pigs only demand a little of your time or living space.

While they may not necessarily appreciate other pets, they derive pleasure from their owners’ company. Guinea pigs are relatively easy to look after, and if you’re okay with less cuddling and can offer a tranquil setting, they are a perfect match for you.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are nearly as silent as a pet rock, yet they require minimal care. Like many other pets, the most time-intensive part of looking after them involves cleaning their living space, though this is only occasionally necessary for hermit crabs. Providing them with fresh water and food, a selection of shells, and some warmth is all it takes to maintain their contentment.


Cats are quite autonomous and self-reliant, perfect for individuals seeking pets requiring less upkeep. Despite their seemingly detached behavior, cats appreciate human companionship, even if they don’t always show it. Providing a snug nook, engaging toys, or a comfy bed can transform your home into a feline haven, and your cat will surely cherish you for it.


Having a pet can enrich your life in many ways, even if your schedule is packed. These five easy-to-care-for pets provide company, amusement, and affection without demanding a complete overhaul of your daily routine.

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