7 Advantages of Cat Boarding While You’re Away

You have the travel bug but you also hate the thought of leaving your baby girl or boy at home by themselves. You can’t imagine leaving them all day with only a passing visit from a family friend for food. Enter cat boarding – the sanctuary for your whiskered friend while you’re away. Here are the top seven reasons why cat boarding is a purr-fect choice for your globetrotting lifestyle – it’s like a hotel for cats in Sydney

Advantage 1: Safety and Security

Your cat’s safety is paramount. Boarding facilities offer a controlled environment, free of potential hazards common in homes. From toxic plants to open windows, cats can find themselves in sticky situations. Professional cat boarding facilities are designed with safety in mind and equipped to handle any unexpected situations, keeping your feline family aout of harm’s way.

Advantage 2: Personalised Care

Each cat is as unique as their fur patterns. While cat sitters do their best, they often fall short of providing the same level of dedicated care a boarding professional can. Feline-friendly spots offer tailored care, accommodating specific diets, medications, and activity levels. Cats receive the attention they crave and deserve, ensuring that their stay is not just comfortable but also fulfilling on a personal level.

Advantage 3: Socialisation Opportunities

Most cats love company (even though they might pretend otherwise from time to time!). Quality boarding facilities curate experiences that foster positive social behaviours. Interaction with both human staff and fellow feline guests can prevent loneliness and anxiety, particularly in social cats. Meow – rather than yowl – your cat will appreciate the playdates waiting for them.

Advantage 4: Professional Monitoring

Sudden health issues can arise without warning. Boarding staff, however, are trained in health and behaviour monitoring and can quickly respond to any red flags. Regular checks by cat-savvy professionals mean your cat’s health can remain a top priority. This extra layer of care guarantees that veterinary intervention is prompt and appropriate, minimising any potential risks during your absence.

Advantage 5: Routine and Structure

Cats might not always adjust to change easily, especially a sudden shift in their environment. Boarding facilities provide a consistent routine. Scheduled mealtimes and play sessions come as clockwork, mirroring the predictability of a cat’s home life. This structure can soothe anxious pets, making their holiday home-away-from-home an oasis of calm.

Advantage 6: Peace of Mind for Owners

Worry is the unwelcome companion of any travelling pet owner. With cat boarding, you’ll embark on your adventures with confidence, knowing that your companion is safe and sound. Regular communication from the boarding facility can update you on your cat’s activities, making sure peace of mind comes with every check-in.

Advantage 7: Convenience

For those whose lifestyles or homes are not conducive to pet care, boarding becomes not just a necessity but a convenience. It’s a solution for professionals with unpredictable schedules, small apartment dwellers, or those with cat-allergic housemates. The convenience of knowing your cat has a reliable and caring temporary abode is a benefit that many modern cat owners cherish.

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