Final Fantasy XIV Best Magic Class

Final Fantasy is all about magic, no matter what spell you learn or what mage archetypes you have mastered. You can use these spells to summon famous beasts, pause time, save lives, and many more things. To suit the needs of Final Fantasy a color scheme is followed that is red, black, and white.

However, you can buy FFXiv Gill, which is a primary currency you can use in the Final Fantasy XIV Shop to make your inventory interesting. So let’s explore the best magic classes FFXIV.

Ranking Final Fantasy XIV Best Magic Class

1.      FFXIV Red Mage

Final Fantasy XIV Red Mages are more than adequate for white magic along with black magic. In contrast to most of the versions of the scholar FFXIV classes, whenever an MP runs, they can hold their blades as well as hold aloft them. In the final fantasy 5, the red mages learn the Dualcast ability that makes them worth cranking out.

In Final Fantasy 12, you can only learn Ardor, which is very unusual and unique. However, in Final Fantasy 14, fallen party members find it the best FFXIV class for reviving. Red mages know their trick even though they are the DPS rather than a healer. Also, you can visit Final Fantasy XIV Shop to get some best equipment for your Mage to do better in the game,

2.      Final Fantasy XIV Summoner

Whenever we think about the main fundamentals of the best magic class FFXIV, the summoners surely come into our minds. Although they are alongside chocobos, moogles with swords the size of a car, they were not introduced till Final Fantasy 3.

FFXIV Summoners are those who are gifted with the ability to call out the great beasts or even transform themselves into one. It is quite difficult to imagine Final Fantasy without them.

3.      FFXIV Blue Mage

FFXIV Blue Mage emerged from the experimental world of FF5. They can learn some defined spells from whatever school you like. Blue mages dive into the battles and learn all the skills that your enemy seeks to kill you.

The actual concept of blue mages is found in chapters without individually dedicated jobs. But the characters that are included as blue mages are Strago, kimahri, Quina, and Quistis. There are around 30 skills a blue mage can learn in FF5.

4.      Final Fantasy XIV Mystic Knight

FFXIV Mystic Knights are the spell casters and the sword fighters. These mystics are not known as any individuals but they are always there as Sorcerer, Spellblade, Spell Fencer. These nights coat their swords with spells and then fight monsters with their Fire swords, Thunder Swords, Break Swords, Flare Swords, Ice Swords, and Bio Swords.

In the famous Final Fantasy game series different magic spells and fighting skills are adopted by mages. The red mage is believed as one of the most powerful mages in the series. Some spells of white magic are also used at night. However, the mages that are able to master both the black and white magic are the most powerful ones.

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