Lower Your Carbon Footprint When Traveling

If you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint when you travel, there are a few things that you can do to help it.

With global warming a concern to all of us, we can make lifestyle choices so we do our part, we are seeing more extreme weather patterns now.

Climate change is happening, and we can see extreme fires, multiple hurricanes, flooding, and rains, happening all over the globe.

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The major culprits are the major corporations and the industrial industries, they are causing the majority of the greenhouse gasses

Control Your Carbon Footprint When You Travel

Making greener choices when you travel is not difficult, but you need to be aware of the choices that you make when you travel.

 We can change the way we buy products, and live in our homes to minimize our carbon footprint, you can make the same choices when you travel.

 We can also invest in carbon offset programs to offset our own carbon footprint, and you can do the same when you travel.

 But instead of only investing in a carbon offset program we can make some conscious choices to lower our carbon footprint when we travel.

live green

Travel Carbon Footprint

 Making lifestyle choices will have a positive effect on our planet, and making carbon-neutral choices when you travel, will take a little planning.

You are going to make these choices about travel, accommodations, food, and your vacation, so why not make greener choices?

Traveling by car is greener than flying, so you could decide on a vacation where you do not need to fly.

With more hybrid and electric cars now, they are becoming a great way to travel, and traveling with friends in your car, is a greener way to travel.

Eliminating fewer cars on the roads is good for our environment, and with clean-air vehicles, you will be doing your part to help the planet.

With hybrid and electric cars, your carbon footprint can be minimal. Also, traveling with friends, will also eliminate more traffic, and is more eco-friendly.

Electric cars and hybrid cars, the CO2 emissions are lowering, as automobiles become greener and more environmentally friendly.

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Greener Air Travel

There are airlines that are greener than others, even though traveling by air is not eco-friendly, but if you have to travel by air you have some better choices.

There are some airlines that have invested in carbon offset programs all over the world. They are trying to lower their own corporate carbon footprint.

They are investing in biofuels, they are buying organic foods, and local sustainable produce. They are also investing in fuel-efficient new planes.

Here is a list of the greener airlines:

  1. Virgin Atlantic
  2. KLM
  3. Air France
  4. Jet Blue
  5. Alaska Airlines

They are trying to operate in a greener way than others. Virgin Atlantic had a historic first net zero trans-Atlantic flight.

Greener Accommodations

Choosing where you are going to stay is a major part of your expenses on your vacation, they are important, and you can make greener choices.

 Staying in hotels will not lower your carbon footprint when you travel unless you are choosing an eco-friendly hotel or an eco-resort.

A better option can be if you rent a house or you can rent a completely furnished apartment, this way you can control your environment, the products, and the produce that you choose.

When you are traveling, being able to control your environment will help you to lower your carbon footprint, when you are staying in hotels, you do not have this control.

When you rent a home or an apartment you can also get to see and feel how the location really is, you will be living like a local, you can visit local markets, and local stores, buy local ingredients, and have a different experience than staying in a hotel

Eating in local restaurants, and buying local produce, will also help with the local economy, with is also good.

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To minimize your carbon footprint when you are traveling, limit the number of flights that you take, and stay in one location for longer.

The choices that you make when you travel can be greener, if you can eliminate flying that is great, but if not, you can make green choices.

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