How Does Magnetic Therapy For Cats And Dogs?

People are talking about natural therapy, natural healing, and magnetic therapy for pets like cats and dogs, but very few of us know what are these therapies in real. Let us walk you through one of these today – magnetic therapy.

Also known as bioenergy therapy, it is about balancing the electromagnetic energy or field of the body to promote health and aids the body naturally for self-healing using magnets. So, if you are looking forward to natural healing for cats or dogs, magnetic therapy is one such therapy you should look up to.

Magnetic therapy is not new. It is an old technique which lost its charm due to the influence of western medicines. Lately, the therapy has gained popularity again because people have started understanding the importance of natural healing along with the use of western medicines. So, how old is this therapy?

Magnetic therapy is in use as a popular healing method for over 4000 years. Acupuncture is also a magnetic therapy, which is use for 2000 years. These therapies are more popular in Chinese and Japanese healing techniques.

Changes to the electromagnetic fields of the body can also cause deep emotional, mental, and physical changes with the ever-increasing toxicity from external sources. The toxins also have some dire consequences on your pet’s health. You might not realize that animals are deeply connected to the earth’s magnetic frequency up to an extent that they can sense a storm coming half an hour before it actually hits. Thus, it is essential to keep your pet’s electromagnetic field active, balanced, and healthy for its overall wellbeing.

So, how does the magnetic therapy for feline and canine work?

As you are here, searching for how natural healing for dogs and cats work, we will unfurl some fantastic benefits of magnetic therapy for your loved ones. Magnetic therapy will go a long way in working with systems of the body such as the nervous, endocrine, immune, and circulation. So, it becomes a powerful therapy because the magnets used work with the basic function of the cells in their bodies.

Magnets work naturally. They work in tandem with the components of cells such as water, mineral, proteins, etc., and get the electrolytes and ions moving. They help in increasing the vibrational frequency, stimulating chemical reactions within the body to generate energy, speeding up their elimination of waste, and supply nutrition to all parts of the body in a balanced way. You might not know but your pet’s metabolism and blood flow work at a much faster rate than yours and so, the results of the magnetic therapy will turn our faster than that in humans.

That said, magnetic therapy is a great treatment for animals, which help them cleanse and balance the body. Lately, the therapy has been popular in pets to reduce inflammation or pain by placing the magnets around certain parts of the body. Experts also suggest that magnetic therapy helps to reduce blood flow, regulate hormones and the overall energy flow. It is a great therapy for animals that are suffering from pain. These magnets are placed outside the body and it can be placed directly on the affected area to help alleviate pain and discomfort.

Is It Safe For My Pet?

Most of the natural healing therapies for cats and dogs are safe because there are no medicines involved and the pet is healed by pooling energy from the nature. Similarly, magnetic therapy is a great non-intrusive and non-aggressive treatment with numerous benefits. We can assure you that there are no side-effects of this therapy and if you are planning to start natural healing for your cat or dog, it is time to take a step ahead with magnetic therapy.

Do you know that magnetic fields are quite fundamental to our health and even NASA ensures their astronauts to have access to magnetic field generators in the spacecraft to maintain their health and wellbeing. The therapy is also used by famous sports personalities as the therapy is applied to help with inflammation, ligaments, strains and also used to put together broken bones. In some countries, this therapy form a part of an individual’s medical insurance cover.

As we already stated, magnetic therapy has been in use for decades now. It is being specially used for greyhound racing dogs and horses. Thousands of cat and dog owners have tried using magnetic therapy for their loved ones and have achieved amazing results. It is time for you to try some natural healing techniques for your cats and dogs.

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