How have Online Games and eSports transformed the Industry?

How have online gaming and eSports changed the industry?

In the rapid rise caused by technological progress and artificial intelligence, one can see how the online gaming industry has evolved to such an extent that, for example, it confuses gaming with reality. Well-known eSports games such as CS:GO or FIFA have proven how the quality of graphics, gameplay and even interactivity allow you to reach a new dimension of online gaming.

Along with this growth can be seen how the online casino industry is developing. To the point where online casino reviews in India suggest that playing your favorite games has never been more accessible, often just a few clicks away. After all, there are currently a huge number of online casinos fighting for your attention. Online casinos such as Bettilt offer many interesting offers, promotions and bonuses. They also offer the availability and variety of games, thereby capturing your attention and affection.

So, it makes sense to understand how iGaming and the gaming industry are actually shaping the way online gaming is done. When was the last time you didn’t play roulette without a matching bonus? It’s a new way to spin and test your luck.

Casino Cryptocurrencies Add Transparency

Online casinos have a vested interest in providing you with maximum security and comfort while playing your favorite online games. This will be facilitated by the regular existence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

This technology adapts well to the needs of players, especially those who fear the transparency of jackpots and casino bets. This is because since cryptocurrencies are based on a decentralized network, all results of online casino games will be present on the public network. Naturally, this will lead to 100% transparency of the psychology of the casino games and the knowledge that the jackpots are actually unfolding. All transactions will be present on this blockchain network.

However, blockchain technology can provide further growth for the online casino market in India:

Immediate and cheap operations

Better privacy for your deposits and withdrawals

Cost transparency, no exchange fees

More chances to have free bets or exclusive bonuses

The popularity of eSports is growing along with its online presence

Going hand-in-hand, the reality is that the eSports industry has also seen a huge jump in popularity thanks to the advancement of technology. Today, it’s never been easier to play a high-voltage game on any mobile device. Well, the same phenomenon happens when watching the same games, especially professional games like eSports.

At a stage where social networks and streaming platforms already have the ability to not only include live broadcasts of these mega-eSports events, but also create a hub and engaged community, the scale of eSports will tend to grow. To the point that in terms of the number of fans and attendance, it has managed to compete with many other sports that have existed for decades. This is evidenced by numerous “professional players” in this field.

With a lot of news confirming the high demand for these types of eSports, leading to a greater attraction of big companies and an increase in the “prize pool”, there is a clear trend that eSports is here to stay, taking full advantage of the social media phenomenon, the increasingly better quality of games. To the point that the number in the “prize pool”, attendance and streaming platforms are constantly increasing.

What to expect from the way we play online in the future?

Precisely due to the rapid growth and evolution of industries such as online casinos and gambling, the exercise of predicting how the online gaming industry will shape the way we play in the near future will not always be the most accessible. However, it is clear that the decentrality and even the gameplay of the game’s own tokens and even NFTs must be present.

How many times did you not feel that you were investing a lot in a game, without any item ever really being yours within that game? With this NFT technology you can even sell it to another player, creating your own economy within that title. This is already the case in web 3.0 projects, so this new way of claiming skins, weapons and other game elements will mark the way we play.

Of course, the same is true for virtual reality elements, where you will more easily confuse what is real or not. Proof of this is how live casino games like roulette are becoming more popular than ever. Gamers want to play online whenever and wherever they want, without ever losing the feeling that they’re playing in a top-notch environment.

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