How to Create a Compelling Catalog Cover That Grabs Attention

The cover of your catalog is the first thing that customers will see. It can draw them in excitedly or make them put the record down and move on.

Getting your product catalog ready starts with gathering all the data you need. This includes product descriptions, personalized stationery, customer testimonials, and images. 

Visually Appealing Design

A good catalog isn’t just a collection of product prices and images; it’s also a marketing tool. It should attract attention, encourage sales and demonstrate a level of quality that customers can associate with the business the catalog represents. A visually appealing design can accomplish all of these goals.

Using a combination of varying sizes, colors, and positioning of elements can draw the eye and create visual balance. For example, using larger, dark objects gives them visual weight, while smaller, lighter-colored things appear lighter. Catalogs should also be consistent in their typography to maintain a unified appearance. While some variation is encouraged, having one main font throughout the booklet will give it a professional, branded look.

Because booklets are printed on multiple pages and then folded together to form the final piece, designers must remember how each page will be laid out when designing their art. This will ensure that all critical information is displayed and positioned appropriately. Additionally, using white space can help to distribute focus and lay out a clear path for the eye.

Attention-Grabbing Colors

Remember that colors significantly influence your audience’s reactions and feelings when designing your catalog cover. For example, red is a color that commands attention and stimulates the heart rate. It’s also associated with love and action. Green, on the other hand, is a calming color that often signifies health and wealth.

To make your catalog stand out, it’s essential to use attention-grabbing colors for the title and subtitles. In addition, the images you use on your cover should be high-quality and in a style that reflects your brand.

When designing your catalog cover, remember that it should be consistent with previous ones. This way, customers will be able to recognize your brand and be excited when they receive your next mailing. However, feel free to try something new. Changing the image, placement of text, and color schemes can be an effective way to grab your audience’s attention and increase sales and conversions.

Intriguing Text

The catalog cover is the first thing customers see, and it can encourage them to open it up or close it. A well-designed cover can tell a captivating and enticing story, making it worth their time. The body can also excite the reader, increasing the likelihood that they will share it on social media.

Aside from using attractive images, a catalog cover should include informative text. This can be a summary of the content of the catalog, or it can simply list the page number, encouraging readers to turn the pages and read more. A contact page is also a good idea, as it can give the reader a way to contact you.

Click Create New on your Visme dashboard to create a compelling product catalog. A template gallery will open, and you can select a blank canvas or pick a pre-designed one. After completing your cover, add pages by clicking the + New page option. You can customize them or even use Publuu to distribute your catalog as a private PDF that requires registration to view it.

Attention-Grabbing Images

The cover of your bulk catalog printing is the first impression a potential customer will have. It can either draw them in with a sense of wonder and excitement or make them close the page and move on. With this in mind, eye-catching images must capture the viewer’s attention.

The image should be clear and well-lit, but it must also show your products uniquely and creatively. Use a zoomable high-resolution image to help viewers see the details of your products.

Finally, you should also include a brief description of what is inside the catalog and a call to action on the cover. This is a great way to get people to flip through the pages and start shopping!

A compelling catalog cover is essential for any company wanting to get the most out of bulk catalog printing. With time and effort, you can design a catalog that grabs attention and encourages sales. Try these tips when creating your next record; you’ll surely increase your readership!


Your catalog cover has a powerful impact on whether or not your customer opens it. It’s the first impression and is influential in turning potential customers into lifelong buyers.

It’s tempting to weigh down your catalog cover with many images, colors, and content. However, this can turn a customer off and lead them to close the catalog. Instead, create a clear catalog cover that focuses on what your brand offers.

Use minimal text and choose fonts that are easy to read and consistent with the lifestyle you want to convey. Also, try to vary the number of images and types of text on each page spread.

In a world where everyone is trying to cut costs, don’t skimp on the most critical catalog element – good product photos. It’s better to run fewer products and save on printing than lose sales due to poor images. Make sure the logo is visible as well. It’s the only way customers will recognize your brand when they pull a catalog out of their mailbox.

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