Is bingo popular amongst older people only? 

Bingo is a game widely known in the UK to be a part of the cultural identity. It is also played by everyone, from children to the elderly. While children will play money-free games which often involve the full bingo kit (the ball machine, cards and markers/daubers), the adults will most often engage in paid bingo casino online or in bingo halls.

It is no secret that the elderly are avid players of the game, but is bingo popular amongst the young too? We answer the question in this article. 

Online bingo has been attracting the younger demographic 

For years bingo has been known as an activity of the elderly part of the population. But according to one source, the online bingo industry has seen a steady increase in youngsters playing bingo and becoming regular players. 

There is no reason why bingo would be only relevant to the elderly. The game is an exciting mix between chance and the speed of your reflexes and offers attractive prizes.

What is also interesting is that bingo players both online and in bingo halls seem to overwhelmingly be women. According to one poll, 75% of players are women. It is not known why this occurs. If we were to guess, we would say that maybe women trust lady luck a bit more than men!

When asked about why they play bingo, players always claim to have lots of fun playing bingo and also socialising! It is no secret that bingo is a great way to socialise. It is a very inclusive game and players have a rapport for being good sport. The tradition with this is a strong one, as bingo was the most popular weekend past-time in the 20th century UK, even more popular than cinema! After the war, the game became massively played around the country and saw halls filled with budding players. 

What makes bingo good both for the young and the elderly alike? 

Arguably the best part of bingo (and the one that brings people back to play) is the social aspect of the game. Even online bingo these days have elaborate chat rooms that will raise your experience of playing bingo online nearly akin to that of playing in a bingo hall. According to the same source, 47% of online players have admitted to finding new friends and social circles by playing bingo online. That is a major factor popularising the game. Most players see bingo as a package, both a game of chance and a way to meet new people and have a laugh, or simply exchange hellos and congratulations when the winner is announced.As bingo is becoming more popular, the game doesn’t change that much – it stays the game that we have loved for years at sites like Maybe the youngsters have just been sleeping on it for years? Well, not anymore!

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