Six Grooming Tips for New Dog Owners

As a first-time dog owner, there are many new experiences and challenges to look forward to, and grooming is one of the most important.

The pet grooming industry alone is worth more than $1.3 billion a year, demonstrating the tremendous expansion of the worldwide pet care business.

As a first-time pet owner, getting worried about grooming your puppy for the first time is normal. But don’t worry because even though grooming your dog is important, the experience doesn’t have to be difficult.

Since grooming your pet regularly has benefits beyond just maintaining their good looks, we’ll highlight some tips to help make the process easier, safer, and more comfortable for you and your pet.

 So without further ado, let’s start making Dog Grooming near me fun. 

1.   Consider Hiring A Dog Poop Service

If your dog isn’t trained properly, it will poop everywhere, which can be an issue for you and your family. To get around this, you need to train your pet and hire a service you may also need to change dog boots that cleans up after your dog is done with their business.

While there are many poop services available, we suggest looking for one that follows your timings and understands your pet.

Moreover, when you hire a dedicated Poop Scoop Service, you will have a house that smells nice and fresh, reduce the risk of health hazards, maintain a healthy yard, and provide more convenience if your dog is old. 

2.   Regular Brushing

Regular brushing can help your pet stay in great form. While the specifics of caring for your dog’s hair and skin depend on the breed, you should always brush your dog to maintain its fur and prevent ticks.

According to surveys, about eighty-four percent of dog owners bathe their pets at least once a year. This pattern has emerged for several reasons, the most significant of which is the cost of professional pet grooming services.

Brushing your dog once every few days will remove dead hair and reduce annoying shedding, keeping your pet’s coat looking sleek and healthy. Brushing also removes dry skin and pesky dead flakes by stimulating the skin.

It’s the doggy equivalent of a day at the spa. Begin with brief sessions and extend them as your dog adjusts to the new routine. Also, remember to use the appropriate brush, whether a general-purpose one or a brush designed specifically for removing mats and dead fur.

3.   Periodic Bathing Keeps Your Dog Shiny

Bathing your pet is essential to pet maintenance, but doing it too often might result in losing their natural oil. It all depends on how often they get dirty and what kind of coat they have.

A shocking 56% of American dog owners, according to a report by, don’t bathe their pets enough. Wendy Weinand, one of the well-known pet grooming experts from Petco, recommends washing your dog every four weeks.

It is an easy guideline to protect their skin and coat from dangerous bacteria and germs. If you’re still uncertain, watch for signs of filth or illness.

4.   Nail Trimming

As with humans, a dog’s long nails can become painful and restrict movement. They should have their nails trimmed once a month at the very least, and maybe more often, depending on their age, health, and activity.

Trimming may be necessary every two to four weeks for older dogs. Regular trimming of your pet’s nails may help prevent unpleasant nicks to the quick. Get your puppy used to having their nails trimmed from a young age.

It is also possible to get assistance from a professional groomer or veterinarian. Nail clipping is essential for happy dogs since they will have more fun playing. Regular nail trimming can help keep your pet comfortable and mobile.

5.   Keep Those Ears Clean

Maintain your dog’s ear health by cleaning it regularly. A few cotton swabs and a mild ear-cleaning solution will do the trick. It is particularly important to keep the ears of large, floppy-eared dogs dry and clean to avoid painful infections.

Due to hair, wax, allergies, or tiny canals, certain breeds need more regular cleanings than others. If your dog has no ear problems, there’s no need to worry about giving it an ear cleaning.

When possible, avoid making deep insertions. Keep in mind that your dog’s ears are a delicate environment. A dog with healthy ears is a happy dog. Maintain your dog’s health and happiness with clean ears.

6.   Give Them the Best Dental Care Possible

Only 53% of dog owners in 2016 showed any interest in their dog’s dental health, according to a poll by Statista. Aim for three weekly brushing sessions, but more if your pet requires special attention to their lips.

If you care about your dog’s general health, you should give special attention to their oral hygiene. Incorporate frequent brushing into your dog’s routine by purchasing a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste.

Get them used to cleaning their teeth from an early age. In the end, it will be well worth it. Your beloved pet will be overjoyed and show appreciation with a wagging tail. While other choices like finger brushes, rinses, and gels may help, brushing is the most efficient method.


With all the cool tips highlighted in this article, grooming your dog can be a wonderful experience. Keeping your pet clean and well-groomed is even more crucial than the cuddling and playing you provide.

You may think professional dog grooming is steep at $60, but consider it an investment in your dog’s well-being. You can save money if you learn to handle some grooming activities yourself.

Brush your pet gently, use only pet-safe products, and provide delectable treats as a reward to ensure they have a happy experience. In only six simple actions, your pet will look and feel more beautiful than ever before.

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