The legendary Thomas Lord

Thomas Lord was an English professional cricketer and the founder of Lord’s Cricket Ground, one of the most iconic cricketing venues in the world. Bettors can wager on cricket betting rules 1xBet and win rewards related to many different outcomes.

Born in Thirsk, North Yorkshire in 1755, Lord began his cricketing career as a bowler and played for a number of local teams in the late 18th century.

In 1787, Lord moved to London and joined the White Conduit Club, one of the leading cricket clubs in the city. He soon became a key player for the club and was known for his accuracy and consistency as a bowler. The 1xBet website also allows you to bet on all cricket rules applied to the best cricket teams in the world.

Becoming a relevant cricket figure

In 1788, Lord was chosen to play for the All-England team in a match against the United All-England XI, which was played at the Artillery Ground in London. Lord took four wickets in the match and played an important role in the All-England team’s victory. Obtain now the most reliable betting app – can be downloaded for free.

Following his success on the field, Lord became interested in the business of cricket and decided to open his own cricket ground. In 1787, he leased a piece of land in Dorset Fields, Marylebone, and opened the first Lord’s Cricket Ground. The ground quickly became a popular venue for cricket matches and was used by a number of local clubs. In 1814, Lord moved the ground to its current location in St John’s Wood, where it has remained ever since. At 1xBet you can get the most reliable betting app and use it to wager on the most relevant cricket matches from all across the world.

Leaving a legacy on the sport

Under Lord’s stewardship, the ground became known for its high standards and innovations. Lord was one of the first cricket ground owners to charge admission fees. Currently you can also visit to wager on other matches played on impressive venues.

He also introduced other things such as:

  • scoreboards;
  • seating;
  • and other amenities to enhance the spectator experience.

He was also a shrewd businessman and negotiated lucrative sponsorship deals with companies such as I Zingar. This was a gentlemen’s club that sponsored many matches at Lord’s.
Although Lord retired from playing cricket in 1802, he remained closely involved with the game and the ground that bore his name. He continued to manage Lord’s, whose all matches are available at the 1xBet site, until his death in 1832, at the age of 77. Today, Lord’s Cricket Ground is one of the most famous and prestigious cricketing venues in the world, and is home to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

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