Proper care for domestic animals is the key to a pet’s health

Pets can be healthy only with constant and appropriate care. Attention should be paid not only to the condition of hair and claws but also to nutrition, the presence of vitamins in the diet, and vaccinations. Each pet has its peculiarities of healthy maintenance.

Basic rules for pet care

When getting a pet, one needs to carefully study its features and the surrounding factors that can negatively affect it and familiarize themselves with the key recommendations of quality care for them. They can differ from each other depending on the type of animal. Although there are still universal rules such as:

  1. Select the right food. A pet’s health, appearance, and mood depend on a balanced diet. It is essential to carefully study what food and in what quantity to give to the animal. Pets need additional vitamins, trace elements, and other useful substances that are necessary for normal growth and development.
  2. Carrying out regular hygiene. Pets are susceptible to a number of bacteria that cause numerous diseases. It is necessary to perform daily personal hygiene of the pet (bathing, ear cleaning, clipping of claws and fur (if required), hygiene of eyes and teeth, combing of tangles). These procedures can make a pet attractive, well-groomed, and healthy.
  3. Cleaning the room and cleaning the sleeping area. This should be done regularly, and the habitat should be kept clean. The pet’s toilet should be cleaned after every urination or defecation because this environment creates conditions for bacteria to multiply. Food and water containers should always be kept clean to avoid intestinal problems.

Many dog and cat breeders prefer dry and wet food instead of natural nutrition. Owners who prepare food for the animal at home know that feeding the pet “from the table” is not recommended. So-called human food may satisfy the dog’s and cat’s hunger, but it will not fill their body with enough nutrients. Veterinarians believe it is crucial to choose the proper diet and type of food depending on age, weight, health, and even breed.

There are pet food manufacturer products on the market that are characterized by excellent quality. Daily dry diets of this brand have a balanced composition of all components, including trace elements and vitamins.

The main goal of Kormotech company is to provide professional food that will ensure the health of all pets. All products are manufactured in full compliance with international and national standards. The range of food, made only from high quality and fresh ingredients, will satisfy the highest demands of discerning owners, who will be able to choose what they need at the moment.


Proper care for domestic animals is undeniably pivotal in ensuring the health and well-being of our beloved pets. This care extends beyond mere aesthetics, encompassing essential elements such as nutrition, hygiene, and a clean living environment. While each type of pet may have its unique requirements, universal principles like selecting the right food, maintaining regular hygiene routines, and keeping living spaces clean are imperative. It’s imperative for pet owners to be well-informed about their specific animal’s needs to provide the best possible care. Choosing the right diet, whether natural or manufactured, tailored to age, weight, health, and breed, is a vital step in nurturing a happy and healthy companion. Kormotech’s commitment to delivering high-quality pet food underscores the importance of nutrition in safeguarding our pets’ well-being, supporting discerning owners in their quest to provide the best for their furry friends.

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