The Ultimate Guide to the Australian Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle is famous for its gentle nature. Besides, its adorable appearance makes it the best breed among other dog breeds.

Knowing the breed of your dog must be the first thing on your to-do list before getting a dog pet. Every dog breed has certain characteristics that may or may not suit your criteria.

If you have already decided for an Australian Labradoodle, you must know about the pros and cons of having one. A complete guide to the Australian Labradoodle is all you need now.

Australian Labradoodle- A Brief History

The history of Australian Labradoodle dates back to the 1980s when love for pet dogs was on the rise. This breed of dogs aimed to develop a dog breed best as service dogs.

The breed become famous for its gentle nature. Besides, Australian Labradoodles were among asthma and allergy-friendly pets.

In the beginning, Australian Labradoodles came from a mix of the English Cocker Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel breeds. The reason behind the breed of Australian Labradoodle was to produce pups of consistent build, coat, and temperament.

You will see Australian Labradoodles everywhere because this breed has become very popular.

Physical Features of Australian Labradoodles

For many pet lovers, the physical features of their pet matter a lot! It helps you decide the space you can get to feel more comfortable with your pet.

  • Size: The height of an Australian Labradoodle reaches 24 inches tall. The weight of your Australian Labradoodle pet can reach up to 77 lbs. The size of the male dog will be greater than the given numbers compared to the female.  
  • Coats and Colors: The coat and color of the Australian Labradoodle resemble a teddy bear. The coat texture is either fleece or wool. Additionally, Australian Labradoodles are either brown, black, white, caramel, red, apricot, or parti.

What’s Good about Australian Labradoodle?

There are various advantages of having an Australian Labradoodle. To have an Australian Labradoodle, you must know what makes Australian Labradoodle one of the most liked breeds among other dog breeds.

1. Calm Temperament

Australian Labradoodles are very gentle and calm when it comes to their temperament. Their friendly behavior with their owner makes them the best therapy animals.

This breed is very sociable. They can easily feel comfortable with the people around them.

Australian Labradoodles are very good with children. They always look for playful activities around them.

The best thing about Australian Labradoodle is that they learn quickly. They are sharp and Australian Labradoodles are the best pet dogs for families. As an active breed, they need great physical activity throughout the day.

This way, Australian Labradoodle fills your life with happiness through playful activities. For an Australian Labradoodle, 30-60 minutes of daily activity is ideal.

2. Easy Training

The development of a puppy depends on its socialization skills. With ideal training, your Australian Labradoodle can stay lively all the time.

Besides being gentle and loving, Australian Labradoodle is very intelligent regarding dog training. They are born to serve and love their owners.

It is easy to train Australian Labradoodles because they are quick to learn. The best thing to do is start their training at a young age.

Reward-based training is the best way to train an Australian Labradoodle. Punishing your pet dog during training can negatively affect his behavior.

While you train your Australian Labradoodle, never forget to offer edible treats. This will help your dog have a healthy weight and mind.

3. Good Family Dog

Besides being best for therapy, Australian Labradoodles make a very good family dog. Their cool temperament makes them lovable for all age groups.

Australian Labradoodle is very good at socializing. They are children-friendly and can get along with other pet animals.

Families who already have other animals as pets can have an Australian Labradoodle. With ideal training at a very young age, Australian Labradoodle gets along with other animals and pets at home.

What’s Bad about Australian Labradoodle?

Everything has a good and bad side. Besides good, you must know the shortcomings of the breed before getting an Australian Labradoodle.

1. High Maintenance

Maintaining your pet dog is a way of showing love. But sometimes, it can become difficult for Australian Labradoodle owners to do it daily.

The coat of your Australian Labradoodle, either fleece or wool, will need regular brushing. You must be careful about its cleanliness and health.

You may need to look for a professional groomer in case you are not completely familiar with the grooming of Australian Labradoodle. The services can be costly sometimes.

Additionally, you must check your dog’s ears, nails, and eyes to ensure they are clean and in the right condition. In case of any doubts, you must contact a vet.

2. Health-Related Risks

Did you know that mixed breeds are more prone to inheriting health conditions from either parent? This may not be true for every Australian Labradoodle, but there still is a high risk of health-related problems.

  • Australian Labradoodle are prone to diseases like canine hip and/or elbow dysplasia which leads to painful arthritis and lameness.
  • Australian Labradoodle can suffer vision loss because of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).
  • A bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand’s is common among Australian Labradoodles. They should be tested against this disease.

3. Not Suitable for Apartment Living

It is most common for dog lovers to live in apartments these days. Unfortunately, Australian Labradoodle is not a good fit for such environments.

The active and friendly nature of Australian Labradoodles requires you to be around 24/7. Also, they need open-fenced houses to play and stay active.

Australian Labradoodles need their owners to spend plenty of time with them. Loneliness can harm the mental and physical health of your Australian Labradoodle.

So, Australian Labradoodle is not the ideal dog breed for people with busy schedules and congested settings. Instead, someone with more open settings can cherish the true feeling of an Australian Labradoodle in their life.

Concluding Remarks

Australian Labradoodles has a long history of fame among dog lovers. They are the ideal dog breed for service dogs. Australian Labradoodle helps their owners with mental health therapy. Their gentle nature makes them good family dogs.

This dog breed is sociable and easy to train. Australian Labradoodles learn easily, which makes it easy to train them. There are many advantages of having an Australian Labradoodle as a pet dog, but you must know about its shortcomings as well.

They require high maintenance for a healthy lifestyle. Australian Labradoodles are ideal for houses that can offer open space for physical activity. Without constant attention, Australian Labradoodles can get depressed.

Lack of consistent love and attention negatively affects their overall behavior with humans. This can lead to serious health problems among Australian Labradoodles.

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