Best Dog Breeds in India for Home [2022]

When owning a dog there are lots of things that come into consideration. Owning a dog is just more than a show-off. There are a lot of criteria like protecting the house, being a good watchdog, must be interactive with strangers, should not cause any harm, having friendly behavior, etc, and the list goes on. People have their own set of rules and criteria for owning a dog. But it is a task to decide which dog is best for the home in India?

Every dog has its personality and specialty. However, you can not get everything in one dog. Factors like the Indian weather also play a huge role. Not every breed is suitable for the Indian weather. But still, a large variety of dogs are ideal for the Indian weather. Dogs do wonders in our lives. It is excellent to have a canine by your side as a companion. 

So if you have decided to bring a dog home then there are lots of dogs that suit well and can make a good pet for the home in India. Many international breeds do good with living in India. Let’s look at the list below to find the best dog for the home in India

List of Dogs Suitable For Indian Home

Golden Retriever

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It tops the list of making an ideal pet dog. Most people consider this breed to take home. It is a happy, friendly, loving, loyal, and smart dog. Also is good with kids and loves to play around. This breed is best comprehended for its loving side towards the owner. Talking about their specialty, it can make a good watchdog and guard your homes. Since they possess medium-sized hair grooming is required. 

Weighs between 25 to 35 kg, and height is 21 to 24 inches. Comes with a great life span which is 10 to 12 years. It is a Scotland-based dog. Comes in a variety of colors like cream, golden, light brown, etc. 


One of the most popular dogs in the world is Labrador. It possesses a very friendly and loving behavior. The easily groom able dog requires minimal maintenance. Have a tough and rigid personality. All muscular and powerful bodies are what you can find in them. As these dogs were produced to work, they are very hardworking ones. It is so famous that anyone can recognize them. 

You can also call them therapy dogs because of their sweet and loving nature. All-around friendliness is great even with strangers and other dogs, this makes them perfect for a home. However, they can become fat easily because they love to eat. So you have to take care of their diet.  

Weighs between 29 to 36 kg and its height is about 57 to 62 cm. Its origin is Canada. They come in colors like black, brown, chocolate, white, yellow, etc.

German Shepherd

It is a very common and very popular dog. The most enchanting and powerful yet dangerous personality dog. It comes in medium to large sizes. Its appearance is what makes it more attractive. Because of its huge personality, it has become the kingpin of all breeds. German Shepherds are prominent watchdogs and can guard your home to the best. A very comfy dog for homes in India.

German Shepherd is mastered at working dogs widely used by police for searching purposes, rescue works, military works, etc. Very powerful and loaded with strength. They are the most intelligent, alert, fearless, loyal, and caring dogs. Have a barking tendency. Needs high maintenance. 

Weighs around 22 to 40 kgs and its height is about 50 to 60 cm. The life span is 9 to 13 years. The name German Shepherd, its origin is also Germany. Colors in which German Shepherd come are black, brown, tan, red, etc. 


Yes, pugs are the well-suited dog for the home in India. Comes in small to medium sizes. It Costs very less to work on grooming. Do not shed much. Possess low maintenance. They look extremely adorable. Because of the fat, they are quite heavy and have a wrinkled body. Belongs to the toy breed. 

Highly sociable and is good with strangers as well. Has a very friendly nature with the owner and kids. It can be the ideal pet dog you want. Pugs love to be petted. This dog is a cuddle buddy. Because of its small size, it becomes so sturdy for apartment living. Can be settled in a small space. But during summers they need air conditioners due to low heat tolerance. Also, these are bad attention seekers. 

Since they are small in size their height is about 25 to 36 cm and they weighs up to 6 to 8 kg. Comes in colors brown, black, fawn, apricot, etc. The origin is China. 


Yet another dog that is suitable for homes in India. Rottweilers are tremendously protective of their owner and family. Possess a very caring nature. One thing that is amazing about them is that these dogs are very good with commands. It listens and follows the order like none. Hence, making a good companion for home. Sheds hair often with a short coat too. 

It is not a task to groom these buddies. Easily trainable among other dogs. Consistently high on energy and is very strong. This dog will give you its devoted love and loyalty. All-around friendliness is also okay except for other dogs. Needs exercise and some physical activities. It can be a very good addition to a family. 

Weight is 35 to 60 kg and height is about 55 to 69 cm. The life span is 8 to 10 years. Comes in the shade of black, tan, brown, and mahogany. Its origin is Germany. 



Beagle is a cute and small dog that’s good for living in a home in India. It inhibits the immense power of tracking instincts. It is a small hound. Possess sweet, calm, funny, and gentle behavior. They get bored easily and require something to amuse themselves. Very affectionate with families and others like strangers and other dogs. Due to their small size, they are well suited for apartment living. 

One habit that is bad among this breed is its barking potential. They are quite noisy. It is not very handy to train Beagles. It is good to enroll them for training from puppyhood. They usually do not have any health problems but their teeth can face some issues. So will need to take extra care of their oral hygiene. 

Weighs about 9 to 11 kg and its height is around 33 to 41 cm. The life span is 12 to 15 years. The colors of Beagles are tricolor, chocolate, white, brown, tan, orange, etc. 


Good and ideal addition for Indian homes. These are small and very cute dogs. Pomeranian is quite aggressive and stubborn. It needs early socialization and training. Its small size makes it a perfect fit for apartments. They are also the barking ones. Overall friendly nature is good but not very friendly with kids and strangers. They can make great watchdogs and will guard homes. 

They have a little overconfidence and might mistakenly think that they are stronger and bigger than they are. Protect them from excessive heat because it does not tolerate heat and needs an air conditioner during summers. Thye is quite affectionate and loyal and can be a good companion in a family. 

Weighs around 1.2 to 3.4 kg and its height is about 17 to 27 cm. LIfe span is 12 to 16 years. The colors of Pomeranians are white, brown, red, orange, fawn, etc.


The sausage dog is good for a home in India. It is quite popular. Its personality is very unique. It has small feet and a long sleek body with a small neck. It is friendly with everyone but is quite rigid towards strangers. The need for grooming is neither too heavy nor too light. However, this dog just looks small but is very hard to train. T possess a high prey drive because they were earlier used to hunt. 

They do like to bark. Full of energy and always ready to play. But one thing to be kept in mind is that these dogs are prone to getting injuries in their back. Avoid high jumps and such activities that could harm their back. They tend to overeat and this can make them obese and lazy very soon. Take care of such things. This can be a lovely and affectionate addition to a family.

Weighs up to 8 to 11 kg and its height is about 20 to 22 cm. The life span is 10 to 14 years. Comes in the color black, brown, tan, cream, chocolate, red, etc.


The intelligent, smart, alert, loyal, and fearless dog is good for the Indian home. Easily trainable dog and responds to commands. They are considered ideal for homes. He is a complete family dog who possesses a fun nature. Doberman is a full-on energy level and requires regular physical activities. Kid-friendly and likes to play with kids. Quite protective towards the family. Since they are quick learners, training them is easy.

Adapts well to the environment but does not tolerate cold weather. You need to cover them up in warm clothes during the winter season. However, they are not good with other dogs. Easy to groom. It will make you feel loved and funny all the time. 

Weighs around 40 to 45 kg and its height is around 68 to 70cm. The life span of this breed is 10 to 13 years. Comes in a variety of colors like black, white, red, fawn, rust, etc.

Indian Pariah 

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This is the Indian dog which is the ideal dog for the home in India. It is found only in India. It is a desi breed and hence is very easy to train and groom. These dogs are alert, social, friendly, loyal, and defensive dogs. It is a very cheap dog breed. These are purebreds and can be adjusted in any Indian climate. They have very good health. It possesses high immunity and does not generally have any issues. 

Low maintenance dog with minimum grooming cost. The short and fine coating on the body does not need much brushing. No hair shedding. This is one of the oldest dogs. This dog can be a great fit for Indian homes. If not this then who?

Weighs up to 25 to 30 kg and its height is about 50 to 63 cm. The life span is 13 to 14 years. The color of the Indian Pariah Dog is brown, black, red, white, etc. Its origin is India.


It is a medium-sized dog. They are quite lazy dogs and like to sit every time. His personality is very enchanting. From its bold look to its courageous nature, this all makes it a perfect watchdog. It can guard your home very well. They do not bark unnecessarily. But is aware of everything. All over-friendly and easygoing breeds. Maninatince is quite high. 

It has a small pinched nose which makes them prone to getting respiratory problems. It is not very good with other dogs. But is kid-friendly. It can make a perfect addition to a family. Despite his dangerous massive look Bulldog tends to be sweet and gentle. 

Weighs about 23 to 25 kg and its height is about 31 to 40 cm. The life span is 8 to 10 years comparatively less than other dogs. Comes in the color white, brown, black, red, fawn, etc. Origin is the United Kingdom.


Here is the complete list of the 11 best dogs that are suitable for Indian homes. All these dogs are comfortable family dogs. You will find no such problem living with them. Almost every kind of dog can adapt to the Indian climate but there are a few dogs that cannot survive the Indian climate. There are numerous dogs well suited for India, if you want to get one you can find any from the above list. 

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