Doberman Price In India (2022) – How Much Would It Cost ?

When it comes to guarding dogs who are better than Doberman Pinscher. Loaded with extreme qualities, Dobermans make a wonderful pet for home. This is a breed from Germany. Not only are these dogs limited to being pets at home but also serve police and search departments for work purposes. It is a very popular breed in India and you can easily find them in one or the other home.

They are smart enough to detect any suspicious thing happening around them and capable of protecting their home from any kind of danger. Loyal to its heart shows immense affection. These dogs are a large breed and their expenses are also quite high. So make sure to plan their expenses accordingly. Most people live in this illusion that once they buy the puppy there is no other expense which is a myth.  

A pet’s proper care is also their primary responsibility. Not a suitable dog for apartments. They require space in the home as well to play around. May act sometimes aggressively to the unknown, but do not harm anyone purposely. They like the attention from the family. Dobies would even like to be included in the family gathering. Undoubtedly Dobies will be the best pet that every member of your family will enjoy having.    

LIFE SPAN9 to 12 years
LITTER SIZE6 to 8 puppies
COATShort, silky, shiny, single-layer coating. 
COLORBlack, white, red, brown, fawn, rust, etc.
TEMPERAMENTIntelligent, active, strengthy, loyal, protective, alert, confident, etc.
HEIGHTIn males 66 to 72 cm and females 61 to 68 cm.
WEIGHTFor males, it is 40 to 45 kg and for females, it is about 32 to 35 kg. 

Doberman Dog Price In India

This all-over protective and guard dog will cost you from 5,000 INR lasting to 50,000 INR. This price range happens to be their average cost.
Doberman Dog Price

You can easily get them from the pet shop near you in India. Always try to buy a dog from a reputed breeder. They keep dogs of good breed and good genes. 

MUMBAI 15,000 – 50,000
DELHI16,000 – 49,500
PUNE17,500 – 41,500
BANGALORE20,500 – 48,500
KOLKATA20,000 – 47,000
SURAT18,000 – 42,000
LUCKNOW17,000 – 41,500
PATNA17,500 – 41,000
AGRA17,500 – 41,000
RANCHI17,500 – 40,500
NOIDA17,500 – 45,500
BHOPAL17,500 – 41,000
AHMEDABAD20,000 – 47,500
HYDERABAD20,500 – 48,000
JAIPUR17,500 – 41,500

PRICE IN MUMBAI – In Mumbai, the cost for a pet quality Dobie starts from 15,000 INR, and for a show quality pet the price goes up to 50,000 INR. 

PRICE IN DELHI – In Delhi, the price of a pet quality dog is about 16,000 INR and for show quality, the price goes up to 49,500 INR.

PRICE IN PUNE – In Pune, the price of a pet quality Dobie ranges around 17,500 INR, and for the show quality the price is about 41,500 INR.

PRICE IN BANGALORE – In Banglore, the price of a pet quality Doberman revolves around 20,500 INR, and for show quality, the price is about 48,500 INR.

PRICE IN KOLKATA – In Kolkata, the price for a pet quality Dobie is about 20,000 INR and for the show quality, the Dobie price goes up to 47,000 INR.

PRICE IN SURAT – In Surat, the price for a pet quality dog is about 18,000 INR and for a show quality dog the price ranges from about 42,000 INR.

PRICE IN LUCKNOW – In Lucknow, the price for a pet quality dog is about 17,000 INR and for the show quality, the price goes up to 41,500 INR.

PRICE IN PATNA – In Patna, the price for a pet quality dog is about 17,500 INR and for show quality, the price is about 41,000 INR.

PRICE IN AGRA – In Agra, the price for a pet quality dog is about 17,500 INR and the price range for a show quality dog is about 41,000 INR.

PRICE IN RANCHI – In Ranchi, the cost for a pet quality dog is over 17,500 INR and for the show quality, the price is about 40,500 INR.

PRICE IN NOIDA – In Noida, the price range for a pet quality dog is about 17,500 INR and for show quality, the price is around 41,500 INR.

PRICE IN BHOPAL – In Bhopal, the price of a pet quality Dobie ranges from 17,500 INR and the price for a show quality is about 41,000 INR.

PRICE IN AHMEDABAD – In Ahmedabad, the price for a pet quality is about 20,000 INR and the price for a show quality dog is between 47,500 INR.

PRICE IN HYDERABAD – In Hyderabad, the price of a pet quality dog is about 20,500 INR and for show quality, the price goes around 48,000 INR.

PRICE IN JAIPUR – In Jaipur, the price of a pet quality dog is about 17,500 INR and the price for a show quality, it goes around 41,500 INR.

The list above is the average price range of Doberman. However, it may differ from shop to shop. But you can get an idea about the price range. Mostly all the Dobie puppies fall within this price range. 

Personality Of Doberman

A dog that never gives up on its energy is a Doberman. Hyperactive, extremely intelligent, and utterly alert is how we define a Doberman. Risking their own life for the safety of their owner and family. Dobie is just an amazing pet to have around. He loves to be present among the family celebrating occasions, interacting socially, playing all day, protecting the home, and whatnot. It possesses a huge personality. 

Dobies do not like to be free at all. They want to be occupied every time with something or the other. Talking about their appearance, Dobies look massive and strong. They possess a single shiny coating, straight ears, and a short tail. Their appearance reflects their confidence in themselves. Very affectionate with the family. They are said to be loyal companions. Since it is a large breed not everyone can take care of it. 

Their responsibilities are also big like theirs. One needs a handy owner to own Dobie. Their physical needs are also high and demanding. Owning expenses also are high. But everything is worth this breed. You will get to know them better with time. Do not leave them alone because they are social pets and like to be with everyone. 

Pros Of Having a Doberman

Dobies are very affectionate with family. Also, they like to be with kids and play with them all day. You can see them being friendly with strangers too. Easy to groom with fewer efforts. Since they are smart and intelligent, it is very easy to train them. Also, they happen to be quick learners. For this, you need new ideas for them to train. It can be challenging to train them without making the training boring. 

It is seen that their potential for mouthiness is very low. You will not see them chewing things here and there. Low prey drive because they are not hunters. A very great habit of theirs is not barking at all. They only bark if needed. No unnecessarily barking is seen in them. And hence, neighbors also do not face any such problems. 

Another interesting thing about Dobies is that they are not lazy dogs. They are the active ones. They need daily exercise and physical activities. Always ready to play no matter when or where. You must spend time with them while taking them out for a walk or playing with them with a ball or something. Your Dobie will surely enjoy playing with you.  

Cons Of Having a Doberman

As we know Dobie is a big dog so they will require space to live in an apartment is not a suitable space for them. They are energetic and quite tough to handle so it is not a good pet for the first-time pet owner. Despite being so strong and confident Dobies are quite sensitive. Dobies cannot live alone. It is what they dislike the most. Leaving them alone for a long time may turn them negative and will behave aggressively. 

They have a short and single-layer coating so there is no issue with hot weather but when winters arrive they may face a problem. It is better to cover them up or keep them around fire and blowers. Grooming needs are low and easy but they tend to shed. You will need to look after it. It is okay to have Doberman as an individual pet but if you are thinking of getting a Doberman with other dogs then it may be a disaster for you. 

Dobermans do not like other pets and are not friendly with them. So keeping two dogs may not be a good idea. Healthwise Dobies are healthy but they do get some diseases in most cases. Their physical needs are high and so you will need to indulge with them in order to keep them active. You just cannot ignore their exercises. It is quite rough to handle them. 


Dobies’s short silky coat does not require much. Although you will still need to take care of it. You cannot leave it. Brush their coat weekly. They are clean animals and hence daily bathing is also not necessary. Bath them when needed. Their oral hygiene is what we can consider prime. Because not brushing can cause plaque buildup which can lead to massive issues. Brush their teeth twice a week. 

Keep a check on their ear wax if needed then clean it but not frequently. Trim their nails if you notice them overgrown. But be careful with cutting their nails. Regular check-ups with a vet are a mandatory part of any pet, especially dogs. Fix an appointment and give them a check-up. And that’s how you take care of you Dobie. Not much hurdle instead, an easygoing pet. 

Diet Of Doberman

Weight gain is a common problem seen among dogs. So it is better to be cautious and help them not gain weight every time they eat anything. Do some research before making any diet chart. Consult with a vet if you can’t decide their diet. However, we have got some information about their diet. A portion of highly nutritious food is what Dobies need. Their diet must include proteins in ample quantities. 

Start with chicken, meat, beef, lamb, etc for their protein requirements. Rice, sweet potatoes, and some green veggies are what makes a healthy diet. Corn and wheat can also be a good part of their diet. Dobermans diet must be easily digestible. Include some healthy fats too. And most important is water. Their hydration must be balanced.   

A healthy meal is what keeps Doberman healthy. If they don’t eat well how will they function well? Do not keep on feeding them the same thing over and over. Keep changing their diet. One can easily get bored with the same food daily. 

The Bottom Line

Doberman Pinscher is a fantastic dog for a family. They are known for their guarding instincts. Loves to protect their owner and keep them safe. They tend to be the affectionate companion one needs. Fun, loving, and energetic. Never lose their confidence. Act smartly and are always alert. 

Enroll them in training from their puppyhood. A trained Dobie will be so good with everyone including strangers. These dogs are very trustworthy. Perfect addition for a family who likes an energetic and super-active dog. A happy dog that will keep everyone happy around them and likes to be included in the crowd. Go for it, this breed is surely a great pet. 

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