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Dachshund is known for its hunting nature from an early age. His cute, miniature look attracts us more. They usually show up in three varieties which are smooth, wireh aired, and longhaired. The Dachshund is one of the oldest breeds. It is also very popular in India. Nowadays, they have become an outstanding companion to families. A few names are given to this cute dog like doxie, sausage dog, wiener dog, etc. 

Dachshund dogs are also called badger dogs because of their hunting characteristics. They were used to hunting badgers in the early days. The main reason behind breeding them was to hunt badgers. From the early years about 300 years ago in Germany, they first started developing. In the year 1885, Dachshund was brought to the United States. Its popularity began in the 20th century. 

It is recognized by the American Kennel Club as being the only breed that hunts both below and above ground. Because of their cute little legs, they can easily and quickly dig down into tunnels for catching prey. Do not go for his miniature look because it holds the capacity for small hunting as well. Dachshund’s price in India is not very expensive. They are also easily available in pet shops. 

LIFE SPAN12 to 16 years
LITTER SIZE1 to 6 puppies
COATHave a short smooth, silky, shiny single coating
COLOURBrown, chocolate, tan, beige, red, and black 
TEMPERAMENTStubborn, clever, playful, energetic, lively, possessive, loyal, etc.
HEIGHT22 cm for males and 20 cm for females
WEIGHTBoth males and females weigh between 7 kg to 14 kg


The standard price of Dachshund in India is about 9,000 to 20,000 INR.
Dachshund Dog Price in India

An excellent playful and lively dog breed. The best part about purchasing this dog is that they show love and affection back to its owner. Their appearance makes them a unique breed. The name Dachshund came from hunting, as Dachs means badger and hund meaning hound hence, the badger hunters. Easily available in many places in India.

MUMBAI10,000 – 20,000
DELHI15,000 – 20,000
KOLKATA12,500 – 25,000
PUNE10,000 – 20,000
LUCKNOW10,500 – 21,000
JAIPUR9,000 – 20,000
NAGPUR10,000 – 20,500
INDORE10,500 – 20,000
BHOPAL10,500 – 20,000
PATNA9,000 – 20,500
SRINAGAR10,500 – 20,500
RANCHI10,500 – 20,500
GURGAON10,500 – 20,500
MYSORE12,500 – 25,500
NOIDA12,500 – 25,500

PRICE IN MUMBAI – In Mumbai, the price for a pet quality dog of Dachshund is about 15,000 INR and for show quality, it is about 27,500 INR.

PRICE IN DELHI (NCR) – In Delhi, the cost for pet quality is about 15,000 INR and for show quality, it comes under 27,500 INR.

PRICE IN KOLKATA – In Kolkata, the pet quality ranges from about 12,500 INR, and for show quality it goes up to 26,000 INR.

PRICE IN PUNE – In Pune, the pet quality ranges around 10,500 INR and for the show, the equality price ranges about 20,000 INR.

PRICE IN LUCKNOW – In Lucknow, the pet quality cost about 10,500 INR and show quality costs up to 21,000 INR.

PRICE IN JAIPUR – In Jaipur, the pet quality costs about 10,500 INR, and show quality costs about 21,000 INR.

PRICE IN NAGPUR – In Nagpur, the pet quality costs about 10,500 INR, and show quality costs about 20,500 INR.

PRICE IN INDORE – In Indore, the price for pet quality is about 10,500 INR and for show quality, the price is about 20,500 INR. 

PRICE IN BHOPAL – In Bhopal, the pet quality price is about 10,500 INR and for show quality, it costs about 20,500 INR.

PRICE IN PATNA – In Patna, the pet quality price is about 9,000 INR and for show quality, it costs about 20,500 INR.

PRICE IN SRINAGAR – In Srinagar, the pet quality price is around 10,500 INR, and the show quality price is around 20,500 INR.

PRICE IN RANCHI – In Ranchi, the pet quality price is about 10,500 INR and the show quality price is about 10,500 INR, and the show quality is about 20,500 INR.

PRICE IN GURGAON –  In Gurgaon, the pet quality price is about 10,500 INR and for show quality, the price is about 20,500 INR.

PRICE IN MYSORE – In Mysore, pet quality price is up to 12,500 INR, and for show quality, the price is up to 25,000 INR.

PRICE IN NOIDA – In Noida, the pet quality price is about 12,500 INR and for show quality, the price is about 25,500 INR.

The above-mentioned price may change and is not certain. But you can surely get an idea through this table and prices in different cities in India. Prices can vary depending on the type, shop, and breed. Always buy a dog from a well-reputed pet shop to avoid any health issues. 

Personality of Dachshund

It is shaped like a sausage with a long sleek body with an upwards head. It has long drooping ears with cute mini legs. It is very small in size which makes them look cute. It is quite a stubborn and clever dog with intelligence on point. Because of his playful nature, they never get bored and end up moving here and there. 

These are true family dogs who can give you company for the rest of your life. Being with such a happy pet is truly a privileged feeling. Also, they tend to follow their owner everywhere they go. They will keep following you from room to room. Smartness is up to the mark in them which makes them appear bold and confident at the same time.

Pros of Having a Dachshund

This Doxie can make a very good companion not only to the owner but to the whole family. His playful nature is so high hence, being a good playmate to kids. Another interesting pro is that they are small-time hunters. Because of this nature, they are always active and full of energy. You will probably never see this cute doxie lying somewhere and acting lazy.

They tend to show all the love and affection back. So they will keep on cuddling with you and licking you when in your lap. Dachshunds are a very gentle breed. They are stubborn but are also obedient once learned. The most convenient pros of having a Dachshund is that it is a complete apartment dog. Small in size and can fit everywhere. They do not require a big dog house to live in. 

Because of their light coating, they do not shed much. And always keeps themselves clean. Doxies are good with other pets too. This is one of the best pros of having a Doxie. Their interaction with other pets is great. Doxies are long-lived breeds which makes them more attractive to own. They can easily fit if you live in the city. Doxies are quite adaptable. When this breed wears clothes, they look so adorable. Easily adaptable to every type of environment. 

Cons of having a Dachshund

There are a few cons too of owning this cute small breed. One of the cons is that it has loud vocals. And their tendency to bark with loud vocals can become a problem sometimes. They are sometimes overprotective. Seeing strangers or getting angry makes them more aggressive. Another con is that they are quite tough to potty train. Talking about the training, because of their stubborn nature it becomes quite difficult to train them. To train Doxies, you have to be more stubborn than your dog. 

Sometimes they become very controlling and start behaving badly. For people wanting a black-colored Doxie, this may be a little disappointing because the black color is quite rare among Dachshunds. The biggest cons of owning a Doxie is that they are a true fast digger. Doxies are not lapped dogs. It is not easy to carry them. When left alone they turn up to be more notorious. They can do mischievous things when all alone. 

They are too active which makes them prone to get injuries. Also, these are susceptible to some back issues and joint issues. Because of their raised spine, they may acquire pain issues. It might be true that your Doxie can eat all the food within a very short period. Yes, your Doxie eats a lot. They need lots of food. Dachshunds are not housebroken at all. 


Grooming is relatively very easy in the case of Dachshunds. And you can do the grooming on your own and there is hardly any need of hiring any professional. This makes the grooming cost low. All you need is just invest a little time for regular bathing and cleaning. Trimming every day is not required because they do not have a heavy and thick coating. So they barely shed anything. 

Now the question arrives, how to groom your Dachshund? There is not much to do. It’s simple and easygoing. First begin with brushing their teeth, then go on cleaning their ears neatly. Then follow it up with trimming nails and cleaning their paws. Brush their whole body to release all the dust and mites before taking them to bathe. After bathing, use a dryer to dry them fully. This will make their fur soft and silky. 

Health Issues

There are a few health issues faced commonly in Dachshunds. Joint pain and bone issues are the two common issues of Dachshunds. Other serious health problems are heart diseases, dental problems, obesity, Cushing disease, tumors, eye problems, liver issues, spinal cord issues, gastric issues, etc. These are a few serious health issues that require medical treatment. It may help to reduce and cure such diseases within time.

Eye problems may include cataracts. This particular disease can cause blindness, and the only way to cure this issue is by surgery. Another eye problem is dry eyes. It may result in itchiness and sore eyes. An ointment can help relieve this issue. And other gastric-related issues may be resolved by changes in diet and exercising daily. Check for mild foods and light. These simple things can resolve gastric issues and if not, then medical treatment is required.

Studies conclude these health problems. But normally a Dachshund with a good gene hardly gets affected by any such disease other than bone and joint problems. A healthy diet, daily exercise, a walk, and cleanliness are all it takes to be healthy. It also becomes quite difficult to know what your pet is suffering from. Meeting with a vet is a necessary part. A routine check-up is a must. 


A Dachshund is convenient in every way possible for a family. There are not many concerning cons of having them. They have so many characteristics that even other dogs do not have. Their miniature size makes them fit for any environment. You can keep them without any tension in places because they are comfortable in small places too. Its cost is also less and grooming charges are the bare minimum. 

By owning a Dachshund you will get a friend for life. Doxies are not at all irritating. Sometimes in a few cases only they behave notoriously, otherwise, they are a good and playful pet. Kids can also find them very exciting and funny. You would probably never have any problem with this cute and smart breed. 

It carries confidence in such a way that reflects its power and aura. They are very clever breeds because they are hunting dogs. They can do anything to catch their prey. Long life is what aids in the benefit of adopting a four-legged friend. Because of their small size, it becomes easy to travel with them. Its nature steals our attention because they are so pure and true-hearted. 

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