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The one belonging to the oldest breed is also referred to as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. Giant and tranquil nature. These are perfect for people who like to have a cozy big dog with a calm nature. Do not get confused by their giant heavy looks to be arrogant because they are not arrogant. Alabai dogs are complete purebred dogs. 

Their ancestors are found to be about 5000 years old. Often come in close relations with Tibetan Mastiff. Alabai is mainly focused on protecting its owners. In Russia, they are the most popular. They are the most confident, and independent breeds. Their personality beautifully reflects it. They can be great friends with other animals too especially cats. There are very few dogs that can be comfortable with a cat.

If you are into this giant breed and have planned to bring this cute, fun, and independent dog home then you must go for it. Alabai’s price in India may cost you a little high than other dogs. A lot of things are to be looked at and paid attention to when it comes to buying a dog. It is a whole lot of things that matter deliberately. It is a huge responsibility. Especially if you have no experience of owning a dog. Let’s see other factors of this dog.

LIFE SPAN13 – 15 years
LITTER SIZE5 – 7 puppies
COATDense, long, short coating
COLOURWhite, black, brindle, grey, brown, russet, etc.
TEMPERAMENTIndependent, confident, protective, bold, curious, playful, etc.
HEIGHT80 – 86 cm for males and 79 – 82 cm for females
WEIGHT40 – 79 kgs for males and 39 – 75 kgs for females

Price of Alabai in India

Since Alabai is a Russian breed, their price ranges start from 60,000 to 80,000 INR. It differs from city to city which is given below in the table. 
Alabai Price in India
MUMBAI70,000 – 80,000 
PUNE60,000 – 80,000
DELHI60,000 – 80,000
BANGALORE70,000 – 80,000
CHANDIGARH65,000 – 80,000
INDORE60,000 – 77,000
UTTAR PRADESH60,000 – 70,000
NOIDA60,000 – 70,000
KERALA70,000 – 80,000
KOLKATA60,000 – 80,000

PRICE IN MUMBAI – In Mumbai, the price for pet quality is about 70,000 INR and for show quality, the price is about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN PUNE – In Pune, the price for pet quality is about 60,000 INR and for show quality, the price is about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN DELHI – In Delhi, the price for pet quality is around 60,000 INR and for show quality, the price ranges up to 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN BANGALORE – In Banglore, the price range for pet quality is about 70,000 INR and for show quality, the price ranges up to 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN CHANDIGARH – In Chandigarh, the price for pet quality is about 65,000 INR and for show quality, the price revolves around 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN INDORE – In Indore, the price for a pet quality is about 60,000 INR, and for show quality, the price is about 77,000 INR.

PRICE IN UTTAR PRADESH – In Uttar Pradesh, the price range for pet quality is about 60,000 INR and for show quality, the price is about 70,000 INR.

PRICE IN NOIDA – In Noida, the price range for a pet quality is about 60,000 INR, and the price range for a show quality, is about 70,000 INR.

PRICE IN KERALA – In Kerala, the price for pet quality dogs is about 70,000 INR, and for show quality, the price is about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN KOLKATA – In Kolkata, the price range for a pet quality is about 60,000 INR, and the price range for a show quality is about 80,000 INR.

The above-listed price may not be ceratin. But you will have a rough idea of buying this dog. Price keeps on changing from shop to shop. A good breeder will undoubtedly cost much more than a normal breed. Always invest in a good breeder when buying a pet. 

Personality of Alabai Dog

Alabais is a giant, independent, and brave dog. They fear nothing. Always ready to protect their owner. Possess a massive body that is muscular and strong. He has an undercoat as well. Confidence reflects best with their personality. His tail is quite smaller than other dogs who are giant. Available in many colors including white, brown, brindle, black, and russet. Coating lengths differ from short to medium to large. 

The coating is quite dense. Hair texture is straight. They have probably only two colors of eyes. Hazel and brown. The nose color may be brown or black. These breeds mainly serve 3 purposes, that is herding, dog fighters, and livestock guardians. They are a quiet and calm breed. Also, they have a very playful nature. Kids are absolutely going to love them. The Central Asian Shepherd dog looks like a loin when its hair is short. 

Central Asian Shepherd dogs are more intelligent and mature than you think. Possess some powerful instinct when it comes to protection. Stays alert all the time and also acts very maturely. You shouldn’t be questioning why these are a great addition to your family. However, they cost much even up to lakhs but you can get them at a little lower price too. 

Pros of Having Alabai Dog

The biggest pros of owning this dog are that it possesses a very protective nature towards its owner. They were initially used to guard and protect. Alaba is very affectionate towards the family too. Very kid-friendly and can play with them all day. Since they are bigger, they are always full of energy. Do not get confused on seeing this dog calm and sitting in one place. Because these are more active outdoors and indoors they are mostly calm.

Despite being large their grooming needs are very less comparatively. Also, they are not very prone to gaining weight. Some Alabai’s may gain weight but this is not certain and depends on the feeding as well. Talking about the weather, Alabai’s are easy going for cold weather rather than hot weather. If you want to take them to snow then also they are fine with it and won’t cause any such issue. 

As these are pure breeds, their health is also good. Only fewer health issues may be present in some Alabias. They are a highly intelligent breed. The desire to chase prey is low. But if some other animal chases or provokes Alabai’s then they are not going to sit quietly or ignore it. Mouthiness is a habit, especially during puppyhood. And almost every dog has it but as they grow up it fades away. Alabais mouthiness habit is quite low. 

Cons of Having Alabai Dog

There are a few cons of Alabai dogs too. Since they are giant, they are not suitable for an apartment. They will be needing a spacious yard too for exercise and playful activity. Interaction with strangers is also not very good. It takes some time for them to behave with strangers. Since they tolerate cold weather so hot weather is not comfortable for them. Another con of owning Alabai’s is their tendency to bark which is too high.

Alabai’s are hairy and hence shed a lot. You will have to deal with their hair all over from your furniture in the hose to your clothes. Drooling habit is seen among these breeds. If you are the one who does not like this habit then you will eventually not like to have them in your lap because they drool all the time. Training them can be a little tough on you since they possess a stubborn nature. They will not respond easily to your commands every time. 

Separation anxiety is also a common thing among Alabais. Leaving them alone for a long time can be a little hectic because they can go all crazy and will behave differently. Different dogs have different ways of dealing with separation anxiety. Alabai’s are not good with first-time dog owners. Their needs are high and require lots of maintenance. So if you are a novice then you should see other breeds.


When it comes to grooming, it is not very much tough. They are very groom-able dogs. The most vital part of grooming and caring is a regular vet check-up. Without a regular check-up with the vet, you might be ignoring the health of your dog. Another important part of grooming is taking proper care of their looks. Because looks and hygiene play a very important role in pets. Especially for giant dogs like Alabais.

Grooming includes hair trimming, brushing, etc. If your dog likes to keep their hair long then your workload doubles. You will need to brush their hair weekly. Bathing is very important for them. Use a good shampoo and make it their habit to bathe regularly with minimum intervals. Most dogs fear water and hence it becomes a task especially in the case of giant dogs to bathe them. 

Trimming nails is also a task. Cut them off before they get bigger enough to sound on floors. It is better to distract them with some food while trimming their nails. Oral hygiene is also a very important part of grooming. One must clean their teeth 3 times a week. Maintaining oral hygiene can help them and prevents them from getting plaque and other oral issues. 

Diet of Alabai Dog

Alabai dogs are giant ones and so their diet has to be full of high-quality dog food. You must consult the vet before making the diet of this breed. Both dog food and homemade food can suit this need pretty well. Getting overweight is not a surprise in the case of Central Asian Shepherd dogs. Stick to the routine and do not feed them unnecessarily. Giving them a treat is okay but do not cross the limit of food so that they make a habit of munching.

Keep changing their diets because they can get bored of the same food all over again. Proteins play a very major role in any dog’s diet. It serves best for maintaining hair, skin, muscles, ligaments, etc. At least 30% of protein is required for a Central Asian Shepherd dog’s diet. Another important part is fats. Fats are a good source of energy. A little amount of fat is also needed. About 10% is more than enough for fats in the Alabai’s dog diet.

Carbs are also a very vital part of this breed’s diet. It helps in building stamina and keeps the dog energetic and full. Include all these in their diet and them accordingly. Feeding need also depends upon their height, weight, and size. Keep checking for their digestion problems whenever you change their diet. 

Health Issues

They are one of the healthiest breeds with no known genetic problems. Because they are giant so they face a few issues of hip and elbow dysplasia. Proper care and daily routine check-ups can do the work for any further issues. However hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are commonly seen among large-sized dogs and that’s why there may be a chance for these issues to see in your Alabai too. 

This happens due to the fitting problem in joints to their sockets. Regular exercise and good healthy food are important to prevent any such issues. In some dogs, this becomes so severe that it does not get fixed without surgery.


Alabai is such a strong and confident dog that can steal anyone’s attention in one go. There is no big reason to say no to this giant breed from taking it home. All you have to do is be able to take responsibility. Because it is not as easy as it seems to own this giant dog. Their requirements are also high. They will be needing a daily dose of exercise, activities, and lots of care. 

Try to understand what they need and what they like. Knowing their likes and dislikes can help you understand them better. Try to spend an ample amount of time with your Alabai. Play with them and enjoy their company. Also, if you are new to owning a dog then this might not be the one for you. 

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