Neapolitan Mastiff Price in India – How Much It Cost ?

If you are a dog lover and have a knack for gathering knowledge on various breeds of dogs all over the world, then you have probably heard of the name, Neapolitan Mastiff. Judging from the fact that you have opened this article, one can assume that you are indeed planning on adopting one and are in need of plenty of information and guidance, starting from where to buy, what’s the price for Neapolitan Mastiff in India and all the tit-bits that accompany it.

Neapolitan Mastiff are most well known for their Italian ancestry, affectionate nature and their large (incredibly large, beware!!) size. As you can tell, they fall under the typical “hard on the outside but soft on the inside” category. However despite these ultimate pros that dog owners always look for, Neapolitan Mastiff are not really in a huge demand in India and their popularity can only be defined as “subpar”.

There are a number of reasons that cause this little unfortunate balance. But fear not, today you’ll be guided by everything you need to know about adopting a Neapolitan Mastiff, what to do after adopting a Neapolitan Mastiff, all the pros and cons, with expense details and so on. You name it, you’ll find it. So buckle up! It’s going to be a ride!

BREED Neapolitan Mastiff
LIFE SPAN8 to 10 years
LITTER SIZE 4 to 8 puppies
COLOR Grey, Lead Grey, Black
TEMPERAMENTFriendly, loyal etc
HEIGHT 65cm to 575cm for males and 60cm to 68cm for females.
WEIGHT60kg to 70kg for males and 50kg to 60kg for females.
Neapolitan Mastiff Price In India60,000 to 65,000 INR

India is a tropical country having extremely hot summers and being surrounded by oceans and seas on all three sides, faces a year long presence of moisture, making this peninsula not really welcoming to a lot of exotic breeds of animals.

Neapolitan Mastiff is one of those many breeds of dogs that, although will survive in the Indian weather, will never fully enjoy their life or live it to their fullest. It is quite hard to believe that this breed of dog, that has been on Earth for nearly 5,000 years, had once become an endangered species, as they went missing for many years after the conclusion of World War II. But these pooches were built to be fighters and hence survived (with a little help from mankind as well) and become the Neapolitan Mastiff that we all have come to know and adore today.


The price of Neapolitan Mastiff in India range from about 60,000 INR to about 65,000 INR.

Keep in mind that the amount may vary from one breeder to another and you may also notice differences when you compare them among other cities. 

MUMBAI42,500 - 45,000
KOLKATA55,000 - 60,000
PUNE55,000 - 57,000
PUNJAB60,500 - 62,000
BANGALORE58,000 - 60,500
HYDERABAD60,000 - 63,500
KERALA60,000 - 62,000
Please let it be known, that is just a basic idea of the price value for each of the cities. Price fluctuations may or may not be noticed, depending upon the breeder and most importantly the quality of the pooch.

Dogs are a lifelong responsibility and if you are planning on adopting one then you should always try to provide the best for them. And not just financially providing them the best, but also showering them with love and the emotional support that they crave so much.

The job does not end with you just adopting the Neo. Not at all, fellow dog owners. It’s just the beginning. What comes next will rip your pockets open but you had it coming the moment you brought home your Mutt.

Well, today is your lucky day! We, here will try to provide you with the basic idea of all the necessary expenses that come after adopting your Neo. So at least you have something good going for you!

Good luck to your wallet though!


The most prominent feature of the Neapolitan Mastiff is their beautiful and lucious folds of skin that look no less exotic and majestic than the golden furry coat of the Golden Retriever. To keep those folds clean, healthy and help them retain their royalty, they need branded and expensive dog food, that is high in protein content. Good food not only helps develop their digestive and immune system, but also helps nourish them and make them sturdy enough to withstand the harsh tropical weather of the Indian peninsula. 

Expect a long and hefty bill of around 7,000 INR to 9,000 INR, if you are willing to provide the best for your pooch and want to keep their folds all luscious and majestic.


As the hot and humid climatic condition of India is not really suitable for this breed of Mastiff, they need intensive care and attention to make sure they do not suffer severe health problems.

Regular vet check-ups will cost you around 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR.

Add vaccines and deworming to your “to-do” list, whenever you’re making a scheduled visit to the vet. Vaccines cost around 1,500 INR to 2,500 INR.

Deworming is very important for all types of dogs and must never be skipped. Expect a bill of around 200 INR to 500 INR for deworming medicines.


Any dog that hails from places where the temperature has a stark difference than how it is in India, tends to suffer from numerous health disorders induced by the difference in habitat. Neapolitan Mastiff owners should always keep an eye out for such diseases and make sure to treat them accordingly before they get out of hand and reach the point of no return. Some of these serious diseases are listed down below :

Hip Dysplasia – This is hereditary problem that is most commonly seen in Neapolitan Mastiff. In this disorder, the hip joint is not able to properly fit in the thigh bone in itself and in severe cases can even result in numbness of limbs and arthritis. So pooch owners, look out for this specific disease and do keep your Mutt fit as well as making sure to take them out on walks and participate in regular exercises.

Elbow Dysplasia – This is also another hereditary problem seen in Neapolitan Mastiff. This happens due to the difference in growing rates of the three bones present in the elbow of dogs. Severe cases can result in lameness but can be corrected with the help of surgery.

Cherry Eye – Cherry Eye is also often experienced by the Neos because of their droopy eyes. It happens when their third eyelid pops out from within the folds of flesh, taking in the appearance of a cherry. If detected, it should be treated immediately via surgery.

Cleft Palate – Another disease that is commonly found in Neapolitan Mastiff is cleft palate. Wikipedia explains cleft palate as a disorder which occurs due to “failure of the roof of the mouth to close during the development of the womb”. It can be treated surgically, but the good news is that this is not as serious as the aforementioned disorders.

Fold Dermatitis – If you’re planning to adopt a Neapolitan Mastiff, then be prepared to deal with the onslaught of fold dermatitis. This problem is commonly found in dogs that lose skin folds and hence retain moisture, sweat and dirt inside them. If not cleaned or taken care of properly, the skin can swell up and in severe cases may result in surgical removal of skin or tail amputation, in case the disease spreads. So make sure to groom your Mutt regularly, use ointments and medicinal powers to keep the skin moisture free and never ignore the early symptoms that include redness and soreness of the skin.

Make sure to keep an eye out for other problems as well. Every Mastiff is different and one may not show the exact same problems as the other. So never ignore any suspicious symptoms you may notice and consult a vet immediately in such situations.

Other mild diseases that may be faced by the pooches are rabies and bloating. Neos have a high chance of belly swelling slash bloating that, if ignored or brushed off can lead to more serious issues in the future.


As this breed of dog is not furry like others, congratulations Mutt owners, you’re saved from the grooming charges by a huge margin. Although keep in mind that the speciality of Neos lies in their beautiful and luscious folded skin. 

India is a very hot country and these dogs do not do well with a very hot environment. So in order to make sure that their skin is kept in a good condition, if not the best, you need to put in some money to buy ointments and clinical powers that can help absorb the moisture and prevent them from getting fold dermatitis and also prevent bacterial infection that happens from bacteria seeping inside the folds and manifesting into serious skin problems. Investing 2,000 INR to 7,000 INR will ensure your pooch has a shiny healthy coat with exotic folds radiating royalty.


Since your Mutt will be staying inside the house most of the time, they will need lots and lots of toys to keep themselves occupied. So be prepared to spend a good amount on toys, expensive belts, comfortable leashes, high-quality chains, bed and kennel and most importantly food and water bowls.

They are highly active dogs and very fit. Taking them out on walks and making them participate in weekly fitness activities will not only prevent bloating but also help them maintain their active nature. Not just that. They are extremely friendly dogs and thrive on companionship so make sure to always keep them accompanied and happy.

Mental health is as important as physical health.


Every dog needs a strong and firm training to reach the best version of themselves and Neapolitan Mastiff are no exception. As dogs who are naturally fit and aggressive, only when the situation asks for, they need good and proper training.

Training expenses are expected to reach 15,000 INR and may change from one trainer to another. But one should remember that not every glide is smooth unfortunately. 

Neapolitan Mastiff are very slow learners so the trainer needs to have an immeasurable amount of patience to properly guide them. They are not exactly dumb dogs and can be called intelligent. But following instructions is one area they lack at, which is what makes training even more important.

Trainers can be appointed by the breeders you had bought your Neo from. Patience and endurance is the key to a well-behaved pooch. Walks are a must for them including light weekly exercise. But make sure to know the limits of your Neo so that you don’t end up injuring them unintentionally. 


If you plan on traveling with your Neo, then be prepared to pay a hefty amount to the authorities as railways, unfortunately, do not allow pets to travel with their owners. And as a result, they would be traveling in a non-air conditioned coach. Heat is very bad for Neapolitan Mastiff and can cause sweat to form and in return cause them to catch a cold. Airlines are the best option to travel, if you’re planning to travel alongside your pet.


The price of a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy in India start from 22,000 INR and can reach upto 35,000 INR depending on the breeder.

A little advice to first time dog owners. If you are planning on adopting a Neo, please contact a broker and they will introduce you to a breeder. However, never buy from the broker directly. 

The broker may have a great deal of knowledge on which breeders are good and whatnot but breeders always have a better knowledge about the dogs and can also guide you through a lot of steps and information that may be hard to grasp for first time pet owners.


A dog owner should always remember that the journey doesn’t end with adopting their desired dog. Instead that is just the beginning of the tedious times.

Neapolitan Mastiff are not native to India and therefore require a lot of attention and care. They may not be able to thrive in the tropical Indian weather but at least you should try to make them as happy as possible.

Despite all the huge amounts of money spent on them, you may end up with an unhappy dog if you are unable to meet their needs that go beyond just monetary supplies.

Keep your Neo happy and they will keep you happy in return. Happiness is contagious when with such an adorable pet afterall!!

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