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In the last few years, we have witnessed the hearts of numerous dog lovers of India being stolen by the special and unique breed of the Siberian Husky. But let’s keep the stolen hearts aside for now and be real, as adopting a dog, whose origin is from Siberia and as a result, thrives best at temperatures that go down to -60 degrees C, and raising them in the hot and humid climate of India where the temperature goes down to just 3 degrees C during the coldest months, is a real hassle.

The climatic differences are not the only hindrance you’re going to face though, since, to some people, the Siberian Husky Prices in India, are outrageous. And the gut-wrenching fact is that it’s not too far from the truth, because Siberian Huskies are indeed, quite expensive, but honestly, what’s too “expensive” when it can bring you a furry friend with blue eyes and a wagging tail!! 

Although Huskies are extremely friendly and thrive on companionship, they need strict and efficient training from an early age to become the best version of themselves. They are a very intelligent species, having exceptional stamina, strength and independence is in their core.

BREED Siberian Husky
LIFE SPAN12 to 14 years
LITTER SIZE 4 to 8 puppies
COATThick double coat
COLOR Black, White, Tan, Silver
TEMPERAMENTGentle, friendly, intelligent, loyal etc
HEIGHT 54cm to 60cm for males and 50cm to 56cm for females
WEIGHT20kg to 27kg for males and 16kg to 23kg for females
Siberian Husky Price In India30,000 to 80,000 INR

The cost of nursing a husky from puppyhood to adulthood is excruciating. Keep aside an amount of 1.5 to 2 lacs a year just for them. And it’s not just the expenses that often cause dog owners to give up. The toiling work behind a healthy husk and to keep it comfortable so it grows up to be the majestic dog it is, takes a lot out of you.

So be really mindful if you’re planning on adopting one. It’s not babysitting that will come to an end done after a week or two. It’s a commitment spanning years, so weigh all the pros and cons with a clear mind before coming to the decision of adoption.

Now if you are indeed adopting one, how much will you need to pay for it?


 In India, the price of a Siberian Husky ranges from 30,000 to 80,000 INR.  


MUMBAI50,000 - 95,000
DELHI55,000 - 94,000
BANGALORE47,500 - 92,000
HYDERABAD50,000 - 95,000
CHENNAI50,000 - 92,000
PUNE45,000 - 89,000
KOLKATA45,000 - 89,000
SURAT45,000 - 84,000
JAIPUR45,000 - 82,000
AHMEDABAD45,500 - 89,500
KERALA38,000 - 75000

1. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA is 50,000 INR for pet quality and 95,000 INR for show quality.

2.PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN DELHI, NCR is 55,000 INR for pet quality and 94,000 INR for show quality.

3. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN BANGALORE is 47,500 INR for pet quality and 92,000 INR show quality.

4. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN HYDERABAD is 50,000 INR for pet quality and 92,000 INR for show quality.

5. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN CHENNAI is 45,000 INR for pet quality and 89,000 INR for show quality.

6. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN PUNE is 45,000 INR for pet quality and 84,000 INR for show quality.

7. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN KOLKATA is 45,000 INR for pet quality and 89,000 INR for show quality.

8. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN SURAT is 45,000 INR for pet quality and 84,000 INR for show quality.

9. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN JAIPUR is 45,000 INR for pet quality and 82,000 INR for show quality.

10. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN AHMEDABAD is 45,500 INR for pet quality and 89,500 INR for show quality.

11. PRICE OF SIBERIAN HUSKY IN KERALA is 38,000 INR for pet quality and 75,000 INR for show quality.

Note: Changes in the amount may be noticed when compared to breeders in different cities of India, as some breeders are found to charge over 1 lac for a husk. Expensive right? But as everyone knows, every good thing comes with a little price!

Now that you’ve adopted your husk, what about his/her food? And what about maintenance? Let’s not forget about training now.


Since the tropical climate of India is already not suitable enough for a dog who is used to extremely cold weather, you need to put extra effort into taking care of your dog. They need expensive dog food that is rich in protein content. Homemade Indian food is a big no-no.  Feeding a growing pup and then a grown-up husk will cost you around 8,000 to 10,500 INR


Regular vet check-ups and vaccines will charge you 10,000 to 20,000 INR. Vaccines are not the only reason for which you will need to pay a visit to the vet. Deworming is a crucial part of pet care, especially for dogs, as recurring problems with worms can cause the health of any dog to decline. Consult with your vet about deworming medicines and expect a price slip of 200 INR.


As huskies are not native to India, there are a number of recurring problems and diseases that are found in huskies. Below, the following problems are listed down :-

Dehydration – If you’re a citizen of India, then you must have faced dehydration at least once in your life. In summer when the temperature reaches 40 degrees C, which literally melts skin to the bones, one cannot expect husks who are meant to live in a temperature of -60 to -70 degrees C, to not suffer from dehydration. If you’re planning to adopt and bring up a Siberian Husky in India, then be prepared for the onslaught of dehydration attacks your dog and you will be facing.

Overheating – Huskies have a thick double coated fur that helps them survive in the grueling environment of the Arctic. But in India, such thick fur results in overheating and often causes them to fall seriously sick.

Corneal Dystrophy and Progressive Retinal Atrophy – Wikipedia describes Corneal Dystrophy as “a group of rare hereditary disorders characterized by bilateral abnormal deposition of substances in the transparent front part of the eye called the cornea”. PRA is similar to Corneal Dystrophy. Both diseases are common in dogs although be aware to not let PRA go untreated if your husky is diagnosed with it as letting it go untreated may result in permanent blindness of your husk.

Dental Disorders Dental disorders can be frequently noticed in Siberian Huskies. So make sure you and your husky never skips brushing, flossing – the overall teeth care. Keep making regular visits to the vet to ensure that your husky’s jaw and teeth remain healthy and that they don’t lose any teeth too early!

Hair loss – Once again, you cannot stop or avoid hair loss if you’re planning to adopt a husky in India. Overheating and unhealthy food are one of the main reasons why huskies in India are more prone to lose their beautiful coat.

Degenerative Myelopathy – This is one of the serious diseases that affect dogs by attacking their canine spinal cord. There’s still no cure for this disease yet so do take good care of your husky and try your best to avoid this disease.

Hip Dysplasia – Wikipedia defines Hip Dysplasia in dogs as “an abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in it’s more severe form, can eventually cause lameness and arthritis of joints”. As this disease is influenced by environmental conditions, huskies residing in India are more vulnerable to it.

There are a number of other diseases that can affect huskies as well. Some of them are – bloating/swollen belly, parvo, rabies distemper etc.


Neutering is important for huskies and is hugely recommended by professional breeders too as it comes with several health advantages. Breeding is a tedious task and is not for everyone and although the advantages it has are mention-worthy, it is in the best interest for huskies to get neutered or spayed. In India, neutering charges range from 8,000 to 15,000 INR for a husk. Keep in mind that price differences may be noticed when you compare among other states.


Let’s come to grooming and maintenance now, shall we?

Skin and hair care cost comes hand in hand with these. Huskies have double-layered fur that is necessary to protect them from the intense climate of the arctic regions. But the tropical climate of India results in a huge amount of hair loss and various skin problems seen in huskies. Expect the skin and hair care bills of your husk to be around 1,000 to 2,500 INR on average per month. Hence why these are a necessity for them to thrive better even in an unfavorable climate.

Since huskies are already an athletic breed you need to keep them fit and in shape all the time. Grooming charges at any dog parlor ranges from 4,500 to 5,000 INR. Fitness tracking, as mentioned earlier, is also an integral part of keeping a husky healthy and happy. The equipment required for such includes a Treadmill (20,000 to 45,000 INR), a Jump bar (2,500 to 6,000 INR), a Rolling ball (500 to 2,500 INR), and a Dog rope (350 to 500 INR).


Toys, beds, clothes, innumerable amounts of wipes, high-quality leashes, high-quality chains, kennel, bowls for food and water etc. all fall under the overall expenses for your husk. Babies need toys to keep themselves occupied and so do huskies. They are babies after all.

Be prepared to buy lots and lots of toys, ranging from chewing toys, to catch balls, flying discs and so many others for your furry friend. Huskies are very active and love to play and run. Which is why playing is a sport they heartily enjoy. Moreover the work out also helps keep them fit and in shape.


And finally, training. For a Siberian Husky to reach his/her full potential, good and proper training is a must since puppyhood. Trainers can be appointed by the owner themselves or by the breeder as well if needed. In India, trainers charge 10,000 to 20,000 INR approximately, each month. Once again, changing states and cities will cause a fluctuation in price.

Apart from these, other expenses like medicines and such will cost around 1,000 to 2,000 INR. But those are for only when your husk gets sick, so make sure to not let them get sick!


Unfortunately, both Indian airlines and railways do not allow dogs to travel with you. In both cases they have a seperate coach out aside for them which is non-air conditioned. As a result, you will leave your husk prone to overheating and dehydration. So the best way to travel with you husky is by booking an airline ticket. Also be ready to pay an unreasonable amount just to be able to travel with your furry friend.


If you’re planning on adopting a dog that will cost you 1.5 lacs to 2 lacs, yearly, it might not be a bad idea to consider pet insurance. Breeders will tell you that buying pet insurance for such an expensive dog is the only way to go and to be true, they’re not that wrong. And while you’re at it, make sure you also get medical insurance for you husky as well. Trust us when we say, it will help you in the long run. is the only pet insurance company that provides and covers medical insurance for huskies in India.

An insurance premium from, for a Husky that covers both medical and liability will charge you around 5,500 to 15,000 INR. 


Let’s come to the other kinds of Huskies now. One of the most popular kinds is the white-furred blue-eyed Siberian Husky. Desired by many dog lovers from all over India, this specific type is also more expensive than the regular huskies. 

 The price of blue eyed Siberian Huskies in India range from 60,000 to 1 lac INR. 

Dogs are usually sectioned into two types. One being the show quality and the other being the pet quality.

Blue eyed Siberian Huskies mostly fall under the show quality. With their icy blue eyes, black and white patterned fur, finishing off with pointy ears, Blue eyed huskies are indeed a majestic sight to behold.

And as all know, royalty needs the royal treatment to retain that royalty. Once you’ve adopted such a majestic sight, it’s your responsibility now to not let the sight lose it’s vigor. 

Maintaining a show quality blue eyed Siberian Husky, takes a lot out of you. Money and physical stress included.

So think deeply and only after properly assessing your situation and your willingness to be the guardian slash nanny to a blue eyed Siberian husky for the next decade or two, can you adopt one.


 Miniature Siberian Husky Prices in India range from 60,000 to 80,000 INR. 

This is another exotic kind of husky and hence the price.


 Baby Siberian husky price in India is around 70,000 to 90,000 INR.  

If you’re going to adopt a baby Siberian Husky, make sure that you contact a broker first. The brokers are very reliable and help bring the breeders and the buyer closer. But never, never ever, buy directly from the broker.

Although the broker will be able to provide you with a wide range of contact of breeders from all over India, it is always better if you contact the breeder directly. 

That will not only help you in getting better, healthier and better quality husks but the breeder will also be able to provide you with necessary information that you will need if you’re adopting a husky for the first time.

Don’t make the mistake of adopting baby Huskies from puppy mills in India. They never manage to take good care of the huskies and the husks and mostly always sick, rusty and dehydrated.

Some breeders change even more so don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself paying 1.5 lacs or something just to bring a puppy home.


One month baby Siberian husky prices in India are around 80,000 to 1 lac INR. Again, some breeders may cost you more whereas some breeders may cost you less. 

At the end of the day it all depends on the breeder you’re buying from and the quality of your husk.


Huskies are a lot of work and a lifetime responsibility. Indian climate is not their native and results in these majestic dogs to lose their royalty. If you cannot afford the best for your husky then don’t consider adopting one.

Dogs need to thrive and not just survive. And to have a happy husk you need to put the effort into it. Money, work and lots of care. Huskies thrive on affection so make sure to give them lots of it. Still Huskies are better suited for the Arctic weather. Which is why if you want to adopt a husky in India, it would work out the best for you if you live near the Himalayas and have a lot of money to spend annually on this furry royalty!

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