Lhasa Apso Price in India [2024] – How Much Would It Cost ?

If you opened this article, then you are probably considering getting yourself a Lhasa Apso and are hunting for any and every kind of information that could help you gather knowledge and answer all the questions you might have before adopting the little ball of fluff. It is always a good idea to clear all the doubts you may have on the breed you are thinking of adopting beforehand. Having a general idea of the temperament, nature, advantages, disadvantages, skills etc, of your desired dog will only make the parenting ride a lot smoother for you. Fear not, as today we will try our best to cover all the necessary information you need to know before bringing home your Lhasa Apso!

Having their origin in Tibet, Lhasa Apso were traditionally used as interior sentinels and exclusively bred as guard dogs of monasteries,palaces etc. They harbor a lot of qualities that include being playful, intelligent, devoted, energetic, lively, loyal and so on. They have a lifespan of about 12-16 years and come in a variety of colors. Their most prominent features include their shiny and luscious fur that almost reaches the floor alongwith with their pendant shaped ears. They are better suited for colder regions and may have a little difficulty in adapting to the hot and humid climate of India.

Now that we have the basic tit-bits covered, let’s get down to more serious business that is the expenses. The price tag attached to Lhasa Apsos might make some potential dog owners do a double take and can even waver their decision to adopt them. They enjoy a fairly good and popular market in India, attracting a lot of dog lovers who are willing to spend a good number of bucks on them. We will be discussing the price of Lhasa Apsos in India alongwith other important expenditure details like food expenses, vet and vaccine charges, insurance cost etc, in more detail soon, so stay tuned!

BREED Lhasa Apso
LIFE SPAN12 to 14 years
LITTER SIZE 6 to 10 puppies
COATLong and hard double coat
COLOR Black, White, Fawn, Tan, Gray, Blue, Brown, Red, Brindle.
TEMPERAMENTGentle, friendly, intelligent, loyal, playful, alet etc
HEIGHT 22cm to 30cm for males and 17cm to 25cm for females.
WEIGHT6kg to 8kg for males and 5kg to 7kg for females.
Lhasa Apso Price in India20,000 to 40,000 INR

Lhasa Apso Price in India

On an average, the price of Lhasa Apsos in India may range between 20,000 INR to 40,000 INR.
 Lhasa Apso Price

However, differences in price are bound to be there when compared to other cities, states or breeders. There are other reasons as well that influence the pricing of Lhasa Apsos in India, which we will be discussing soon.

It should be kept in mind that this is just a basic list put together after comparing prices of various breeders from all over India and online dog adoption sites. There can still be fluctuations in prices as there is no set value over the dogs. The need to negotiate might arise depending on your budget.

Following we have put together a price list of Lhasa Apsos in different cities of India, to help potential buyers get a better idea.


MUMBAI10,000 - 35,000
DELHI15,000 - 40,000
LUCKNOW15,000 - 45,000
KOLKATA15,000 - 30,000
JAIPUR15,000 - 38,000
KERALA15,000 - 34,500
PUNJAB17,000 - 35,000
CHANDIGARH18,000 - 40,000
BANGALORE15,000 - 30,000
HYDERABAD15,000 - 32,000
  1. PRICE IN MUMBAI – Lhasa Apso in Mumbai, which is a metropolitan city, can cost you 15,000 INR to 35,000 INR depending upon the breeder, quality of dog, coat, color and health.
  2. PRICE IN DELHI – The average price of Lhasa Apsoin Delhi starts from 15,000 INR to 40,000 INR. If you are planning to adopt from a breeder in Delhi but you live in another state, then expect the price to be higher. As out of state adoptions cost more than in state adoptions. 
  3. PRICE IN LUCKNOW –  The price of Lhasa Apso in Lucknow is around 15,000 INR to 45,000 INR. Expect the price to be more if the breeder and the previous puppies of the litter you’re adopting from has a KCI certification.
  4. PRICE IN KOLKATA – In Kolkata, another metropolitan city, the price of Lhasa Apso starts from 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR. You have the option to choose from a variety of colors but keep it in mind that the price changes with every different color.
  5. PRICE IN JAIPUR – Price range for Lhasa Apso in Jaipur starts from 15,000 INR to 38,000 INR. A little advice, if you’re adopting puppies make sure to adopt from reputable breeders. Try to avoid pet mills as the quality of their puppies is somewhat compromised.
  6. PRICE IN KERALA – It is quite often seen that the price for puppy adoption seems to be more in Kerala than in other states and cities. Therefore expecting a price slip of 15,000 INR to 34,500 INR might not be too much.
  7. PRICE IN PUNJAB – Punjab, because of having a hot and arid climate, charges more for breeds that are better suitable for temperate to colder regions. This is because of their maintenance expenses. So the price of Lhasa Apso in Punjab might range from 17,000 INR to 35,000 INR, 
  8. PRICE IN CHANDIGARH – The price range for Lhasa Apso in Chandigarh starts from 18,000 INR and can go upto 40,000 INR. Although there are chances of a hike or drop in price rates depending on the demand and supple rate.
  9. PRICE IN BANGALORE – Price of Lhasa Apso can start from 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR in Bangalore. The weather of Bangalore might not be suitable enough for your Lhasa which can mean an additional number of expenses coming at you. Be ready!
  10. PRICE IN HYDERABAD – Price of Lhasa Apso in Hyderabad range from 15,000 INR to 32,000 INR. Make sure to negotiate if necessary and also let the breeder be aware of your budget beforehand. This will make the adoption process a lot more smoother.

The price of Lhasa Apso is found to vary from one breeder to another but that i nos only natural. Different breeders are bound to charge you differently. As there is no fixed value for all the breeders to follow, you cannot help but face this unfaire price system. And since we are on the topic, let’s discuss a little bit more on the price of Lhasa Apso.

Lhasa Apso Puppy Price in India

Considering adopting a Lhasa Apso puppy in India? Well, no worries we’ve got you covered!

The price of a Lhasa Apso puppy in India can range between 25,000 INR to 40,000 INR. Different breeders from different cities of India will charge you differently so do not make the mistake of mixing those up. 


Certainly there is a difference of prices between male and female Lhasa Apsos. But usually they are not that big of a difference which is why it’s mostly ignored. The price of male Lhasa Apso in India is around 15,000 INR to 30,000 INR.


The most recurring expense you’ll face is dog food every month. One of the most prominent features of Lhasa Apso is their beautiful, creamy, luscious fur. In order to take good care of it and to prevent them from shedding their beautiful white fur too early you need to provide them with food that is healthy and rich in protein content.

But since Lhasa Apsos are small dogs, their appetite is smaller compared to other dogs. Lhasa Apsos, in their puppyhood can only consume like 200 gm of dog food that is specifically made for puppies. As they slowly reach adulthood, their food can weigh upto 500 gm to 700 gm. There are certain exceptions in which Lhasa Apsos are both found to consume either less or more. At the end of the day, it all depends on the appetite of your Lhasa Apso.

You can contact your vet to know their opinion on which dog food will be better for your dog, before choosing one. There are a lot of options to select from nowadays. The price of dog foods usually range from 2,000 INR to 5,000 INR.


Vet check-ups and vaccinations should never be skipped. Monthly vet check-ups will cost you around 1,000 INR to 2,000 INR. Vaccines alone will add around 2,000 INR to 4,000 INR more to that.

Deworming is also a must. Dogs are more prone to get worms than other pets. Usually, medicines are prescribed by the vet for the deworming procedure. Luckily they don’t cost more than 500 INR.

Dogs like Lhasa Apsos have smaller airways which cause them to develop breathing troubles from an early age. The first signs can be seen as early as a few weeks. Therefore, they need constant and strict surveillance so that they do not end up tiring themselves out and in severe cases even pass out from exhaustion. The small airway already will cause them enough breathing trouble in the hot and humid climate of India. If the situation worsens, immediately see your vet because if the breathing issue has become really serious then your Lhasa Apso might be in need of surgery..


Neutering for the males and spaying for the females is highly recommended by both breeders and vets. Breeding is not for everyone. Moreover, neutering and spaying comes with its own set of benefits. The risk of diseases like cancer are reduced by a considerable amount thanks to neutering and spaying.

Neutering and spaying charges in India range from 8,000 INR to 15,000 INR at most.


It’s a known fact that the long, lucious, beautiful and soft fur of Lhasa Apso is one of their most prominent aspects. It needs to be maintained and taken care of lest you want your pup to shed early and lose all their furry glory.

Any dog parlor will charge you a good amount of 4,000 INR to 6,000 INR. Hair and skin care products alone will cost you around 2,000 INR to 3,000 INR. They need constant brushing to keep their fur free and flying. But if the result is getting to see your Lhasa Apso all happy and healthy with their fur flying with the wind then what’s a little money!

 lhasa apso


Get ready to buy lots and lots of toys for your furry friend with a wagging tail. They are just simple babies in the body of a furry four legged creature. Their growing teeth will need chewing toys and balls to pay with. Don’t forget about clothes now! 

Apart from these, you will also need a bed and kennel, bowls for food and water, high quality leash and chain and so on. 


Lhasa Apsos are intelligent and really good listeners. They can follow orders and instructions really well which is why it is quite easier to train them than other dogs.

Trust is an integral part in training. If there is no trust between the dog and the trainer then training will not work out. The trainer needs to be well aware of your Lhasa Apsos limits and capabilities and train them accordingly.

One more thing that should be kept in mind is that Lhasa Apsos are not people pleasers. The only one they want to please is themselves. And if following your instructions pleases them they will do that. Therefore, if your Lhasa doesn’t listen to you, bad news, you failed their vibe check. 

Trainers usually charge around 10,000 INR to 20,000 INR on a monthly basis.


Unfortunately you cannot travel with your Lhasa  on a train as they do not permit pets. As a result, they will have to travel in a non air conditioned coach. Lhasa Apsos are highly susceptible to overheat and suffer from dehydration due to their double coat of fur that is meant to keep them warm in the harsh and frigid weather of Tibet. Therefore leaving them alone in a hot and humid place for an extended period of time is a very bad idea.Airlines are the best way to travel with pets. But always put aside a hefty amount just for traveling with your pet when you are planning a trip.


As a dog that may end up making you spend at least 1 lac annually for themselves, it’s better to consider pet insurance. Pawtechindia.com is a good choice if you do indeed plan on getting pet insurance. They also have a variety of plans you can choose from. It will help you in the long run so do consider the advice with an open mind.


If you stuck around till here, then hope you found what you were looking for in the first place. It has been clear by now that although Lhasa Apsos are not native to India, they can still be provided a comfortable life even in hot and humid India if the owner is willing to put in the effort. 

Despite all the huge amounts of money spent on them, you may end up with an unhappy dog if you are unable to meet their needs that go beyond just monetary supplies.

A happy you will help make your pet happy and seeing your pet happy will render you happy in turn. And this cycle of happiness will continue when in the company of such an adorable friend with four paws and a wagging tail!

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