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Afghan Hound is an incredibly old breed. It is known for its silky and smooth appearance. Having beautiful long straight hair makes her look very endearing. A worldwide famous model breed. It is quite comical in nature. It has an attitude on its face that makes this breed more attractive. It is basically a basal breed. This breed came from the Afghan Royal family. 

It is popular in the world but is rarely available in India. Only with high demands of people in India get to have Afghan Hound. It is only available in a few metro cities at big and popular pet shops. In the year 1920, in Great Britain, this breed was brought by King Amanullah. Previously these dogs were used for hunting. But now they are not used as hunting dogs. 

In some big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, Afghan Hounds are available too rarely. It is not easily available. They are quite goofy and very funny. Having immense self-confidence that it carries so well. It is available in many different colors and varieties. If you are in search of this breed in India then you must know the Afghan Hound Price in India. 

LIFE SPAN10 to 12 years
LITTER SIZE6 to 8 puppies
COATVery fine, thick, smooth, silky, long, straight coating. 
COLOURBlack, cream, brown, beige, red, white, etc.
TEMPERAMENTConfident, happy, funny, gentle, calm, etc.
HEIGHT68 cm for males and 63 cm for females
WEIGHTIt weighs around 20 to 27 kg

Price of Afghan Hound in India

The moderate price scope of Afghan Hound is around 60,000 to 80,000 INR. Afghan Hounds are quite a costly dog but they are with it. You will get a massive intelligent breed that suits perfectly for a home.
Afghan Hound dog Price
MUMBAI60,000 – 80,000
DELHI55,000 – 80,000
BANGLORE65,000 – 80,000
INDORE60,000 – 80,000
PUNE60,000 – 70,000
CHANDIGARH65,000 –  80,000
MANGALORE60,000 – 80,000
RANCHI50,000 – 80,000
NOIDA65,000 – 90,000
LUCKNOW65,000 – 85,000

PRICE IN MUMBAI – In Mumbai, the price for a pet quality dog is under 60,000 INR, and for show quality, it is about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN DELHI – In Delhi NCR, the price of pet quality is about 55,000 INR, and for show quality, it ranges from about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN BANGALORE – In Banglore, the pet quality price of this breed is under 65,000 INR, and for show quality, it ranges from about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN INDORE – In Indore, the price for pet quality is around 60,000 INR and for show quality, it goes up to the range of 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN PUNE – In Pune, the price is about 60,000 INR for pet quality dogs, and for show quality, it is about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN CHANDIGARH – In Chandigarh, the cost of a pet quality dog is about 65,000 INR and for show quality, the price is about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN MANGALORE – In Mangalore the price for pet quality breed is about 60,000 INR and for show quality, the price ranges from 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN RANCHI – In Ranchi, the price is about 50,000 INR for pet quality bred and for show quality dogs the price is about 80,000 INR.

PRICE IN NOIDA – In Noida, the price for pet quality breeds ranges up to 65,000 INR and for the show, quality breeds the price goes up to 90,000 INR.

PRICE IN LUCKNOW – In Lucknow, the price of this breed for pet quality ranges from 65,000 INR, and for show quality, the price is about 85,000 INR.

The above-mentioned price is not always certain. Year-wise it changes depending on the seasons too. Also, it is one of the expensive dogs. Though, its availability is quite rare in India but is very popular in other countries. It is available in a smaller amount in India. So it is very important to gather the proper and complete information about this breed. 

Personality of Afghan Hound

It has a huge personality. Afghan Hound is more of a fashion model kind of dog. Its look is very elegant and confident. It is quite large in size and covered with long silky straight hair. It has a small and thin tail that is curved at the ends. Afghan Hound is a great fighter. It goes from brave to loving nature according to its mood and situation. This breed is clownish as well. 

The most amazing part is its coating. The whole body is covered with silky hair. It has a glossy nature which makes it more adorable to look at. As compared to their coating they are very thin beneath their coating. As these are hunter breeds, in early times they were used as hunter dogs. Nowadays Afghan Hound is not used for hunting anymore. And they make a good house dog for families. 

Pros of having an Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are quite brave breeds with hell lots of self-confidence. This means they can present themselves with confidence in front of any type of danger and any such crucial situations. Affectionate to their owner and are easily adaptable. This breed can fit into any kind of family from small to big. They also do not need a big size home because they can settle in small houses too despite their big size.

Afghan Hounds are kid-friendly dogs. They can spend their time playing and entertaining your kids. Also, this breed is viable for living in apartments with no major issues. These breeds are also good with every kind of weather they can surpass extreme cold to extremely hot weather. Talking about their health, then these breeds are generally healthy with no such disease-carrying agents unless it is heredity.    

Afghan Hounds are one of the highly intelligent breeds of all time. As they are hunters and previously were used for hunting other animals, their prey drive is on top. Another pro of getting this huge hound is they do not have a high tendency to bark or howl. Afghan Hounds are always filled with energy. Because of this, they need daily heavy to minimal exercise. They are good as a family pet, be it small or large family. 

Cons of having an Afghan Hound

The first con of having an Afghan Hound dog is that it is bigger which makes its maintenance high. They will be needing lots of maintenance with high charges. And hence they need lots of grooming, probably their hair trimming and maintenance. The grooming cost is also much for them. Another con is they are quite sensitive. Leaving them alone for a short time can make them sensitive and can affect them mentally. 

Leaving them alone is not a very good idea because these breeds tend to act weirdly when left alone and can become quite aggressive. Strangers are not welcomed by these huge buds. They take time to recognize how to behave in front of strangers. Interaction with other dogs is also not very friendly. So having another pet with this breed may not be a good decision. 

Shedding is comparatively high. The Afghan Hound shed a lot during normal days as well. Training them is the toughest task of all. A professional trainer is required for training these breeds. House training is not suitable for them. As they are very energetic dogs, daily exercise is a must. Without exercise, these dogs can go all bored and start behaving aggressively damaging the furniture at home.   


As these breeds are big and hence require a lot of grooming. Its grooming cost is also high. Their hair is very soft and silky like human hair. It is very important to take care of their coating. It needs extra care and focuses. Since their hair is long and so are prone to get tangled every time. Brushing their coats regularly is vital for detangling them. It is a time taking process. Hiring a professional for this would work best. 

A second focus is on their ears. They have hanging ears which are prone to ear infections. Clean their ears every week. Brushing their teeth is also a part of grooming. It is recommended to brush their teeth thrice a week. The next thing is trimming their nails. It is an easy task. You will get to know when to cut their nails because it makes sounds on walking. Trimming nails is important because it may cause scratches on your skin.

Thye does not need daily bathing. You can give them a bath whenever there is a need. Always check for infections or any sort of disease. The grooming part is very crucial in the life of the Afghan Hound because they cannot go without this. And cleanliness is a must for everyone. It is not only good for your pet but is also good for yourself. 

Diet of Afghan Hound

Comparatively to their size, the Afghan Hound eats too little. They will need very high-quality dry food divided into two separate meals. Do not make them overweight by giving them more food than required. A two-time meal is enough with some munching snacks in between. They need protein-rich food in their diet. 

Include some veggies along with meat, chicken, and turkey. Raw bones are also good for them. Every dog’s diet depends on its metabolism, height, weight, and need. Do not confuse them with their size. Giving them food according to their size can increase their weight. Make sure to check on their weight on a daily basis. 

Health Issues

Afghan Hounds are generally healthy. But there are a few diseases that these Afghans get affected by. The best part of decreasing the health issues is to buy a puppy from a good and famous breeder. They usually have healthy puppies with no disease history. And even if you buy a dog from a good breeder it does not have to have any disease. Acquiring a disease can happen at any time anywhere. 

Some health issues that are seen commonly in Afghan Hound are allergies. Allergies these show symptoms of watery eyes, sneezing, rashes, inflammation, etc. Treatment includes medications and ointments. Get checked with the vet as soon as you see any such symptoms in your dog. 

Another deadliest disease is cancer. Symptoms include inflammation, boils, fever, etc. Mostly if a sore that is not healing and getting worse with time is the indication of something serious like cancer. Immediately get your pet to the vet for a check-up.

Hypothyroidism is another kind of issue that is seen commonly in Afghan Hound. In this disease thyroid gland is affected due to which skin, hair loss, lethargy, and depression occur. 

Obesity is another common issue among all kinds of dogs. It is seen in almost every type of dog. Make sure to not over-provide them with unnecessary food. 


Afghan Hound is undoubtedly a great dog for a family. They are mostly suitable for every kind of person. Their adaptability is very high. They can fit into tiny apartments too but need a space for roaming and walking. These breeds get bored easily if not taken out for a walk or exercise. Kids are going to love this breed because they are good with kids and love to play with them. They are quite funny so there is no boredom in your home with the Afghan Hound.

But as they are big you need to take proper care and groom them nicely regularly. Because without these things your dog may be very uncomfortable and will acquire numerous health problems. Keep them clean always and training is a must in this breed’s life. They are quite non-controlling so it takes time to train these breeds.

No matter how many cons are there, Afghan Hounds are very popular and attractive dogs with numerous qualities. If you are also attracted to this breed and are planning to buy them then you should give it a shot. It is quite rare in India but if you find them from a good breed then go for it. 

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