Havanese Dog Price in India (2022) – Ultimate Guide

Havanese is a breed of the bichon family. It belongs to Cuba and it’s the national dog of Cuba. Also referred to as Havana silk dog or Bichon Havana. Havanese is filled with enthusiasm, excitement, affection, energy, and whatnot. If you look at Havanese, you would probably never want to stop looking at it because of its fluffy look. Covered with long hair makes them look like a fluff-ball. 

Owning this fluff ball is the right choice for people who live alone. Because Havanese is going to be your companion. It is suitable for everyone and every type of family. It’s a cute, small, soft, and silky dog that will make you go aww even when it is not doing anything. Being a foreign breed, Havanese are also available in India. Their price may vary from city to city which we will be discussing later on. 

Not only their looks but their qualities are also going to steal your heart. Havanese is loaded with intelligence, wittiness, and understanding. Understanding is a big factor in a pet. The more they bond the more they understand. Although Havanese are rare now but are still available in many places. Let’s see what is the Havanese price in India in different cities and states. 

LIFE SPAN13 to 16 years
LITTER SIZE1 to 9 puppies
COATSoft, silky, long, double coat fine hair
COLOURHavana brown, black, white, fawn, mahogany
TEMPERAMENTPlayful, affectionate, intelligent, responsive, loyal, funny, etc
HEIGHT47cm for males and 30 cm for females
WEIGHT3 to 4kgs for males and 3 to 5kgs for females


Moreover, the fair of Havanese in India ranges between 25,000 to 35,000 INR. The price range falls into not too expensive nor too inexpensive. If Kennel Club India is certified, then it may cost up to 35,000 to 50,000. Generally, the KCI offers a good quality breed that’s why the prices go high.
Havanese Price in India

You cannot leave your Havanese at home all alone because of their separation anxiety. They love to be around their owners. The pampering of Havanese is not a hefty task. Undoubtedly they are trouble-free in every manner. So if you are into this little cute fluff ball keep reading ahead to know about its prices in a variety of cities. 


PRICE IN MUMBAI- In Mumbai, cost about 30,000 INR for pet quality and for show quality cost about 33,000 INR. 

PRICE IN DELHI NCR- In Delhi, the cost for pet quality is 31,000 INR and for show quality, it costs 47,000 INR.

PRICE IN HYDERABAD- In Hyderabad, the cost for pet quality is 30,000 INR and for show quality, it is 48,000 INR.

PRICE IN BANGALORE- The cost for pet quality is about 30,000 INR and for show quality, it costs about 48,500 INR.

PRICE IN PUNE- For pet quality, the price is 27,500 INR and for show quality, it is 41,500 INR.

PRICE IN KOTTAYAM- For pet quality, the price is 28,500 INR and for show quality, it is 45,500 INR.

PRICE IN BHOPAL- It cost for pet quality is 26,500 INR and for show quality, it is 41,000 INR.

PRICE IN NOIDA- The cost for pet quality is about 28,500 INR and for show quality, it is about 45,500 INR.

PRICE IN JAIPUR- The price for pet quality is 27,000 INR and for show quality, it is 41,500 INR.

PRICE IN LUCKNOW-  The cost for pet quality is 27,000 INR and for the show, quality is about 41,500 INR.

PRICE IN PATNA- Pet quality cost is about 26,500 INR and for show quality, it is 41,000 INR.

PRICE IN AGRA- The price for pet quality is 26,500 INR and for show quality, it is 40,000 INR.

With time the prices keep on changing, so don’t completely rely on the above price list. You can get an idea of different cities from this price list.

Personality of Havanese

Havanese has a very lavish personality. They are not big pets, their height is about 30 to 47cm. Havanese flourishes on human companionship. Loves to cuddle and always wants to be in your lap. They will follow you all day. Havanese possess affection, friendly behavior, responsiveness, and loyalty. 

Havanese are so goofy sometimes. They will make you laugh throughout the day with their funny activities. They are not someone who is going to sit at one place, rather will play with the kids or do some activity here and there. Havanese do not get bored, they entertain themselves on their own. 

You must see the way a Havanese dog walks. All the hair dropping makes them look so charming and fluffy. They are mostly admired for their looks. Smooth and silky hair shines so well all over their body. Owning it is not hectic at all.

Pros of Having a Havanese

Having a Havanese is coming with numerous benefits. Despite being super cute and so blooming they are sufficient with so many features. The first and the foremost thing is their size, they grow into a very cute small size which makes it easy to handle. Being favorably social, these cuties hate to live alone. They will move around you and go wherever you go from one room to a different room. Also, Havanese are quite stronger than their toy breeds.

Training them is comparatively easy. Because they are obedient, friendly, and responsive. Start your Havanese training from an early age to learn things properly. Another thing to notice is that they are a good watchdog. However, they cannot guard your home. Since they are small in size, grooming becomes easy. Havanese need intermediate grooming. Not very much and not so less. 

Havanese are a water baby. Yes, you read it right! They like to swim. Make sure to take your fluff ball to the pool along with you. They will enjoy it. They do not need much exercise because they do it themselves. Havanese is a fine complement in a family. Especially for people who are first-time pet owners. It suits small to big families. You will get a playful and cheerful companion by owning a Havanese.   

Cons of Having a Havanese

Like other dogs, Havanese too have a few cons. Havanese tend to suffer from separation anxiety. So you should be aware of this, and probably not leave them alone. Havanese get tear stains because their hair gets inside their eyes. Make sure to clean it regularly and chop off the extra hair that gets into the eyes. 

Another remarkable con is their barking habit. Havanese barks a lot. This is because they like listening to their voice. On seeing any stranger they will start barking like anything. Their maintenance is quite high. Havanese hairs grow up to 8 inches long. So trimming it becomes vital sometimes. It does not cause any problems as long as the hair is medium length. 

Some breeds of Havanese are shy. They love to socialize but if they do not get the proper socialization and do not interact with others and outside the environment, your Havanese will eventually get shy. Get your Havanese out twice a week where they can learn new things and get exposed to light, sound, and many more things. 

Knowing the pros and cons before buying a dog is a must. You will get to know all the information. 

Diet of Havanese

Knowing the right diet plan for pets is a crucial part for every owner. Havanese need tons of protein in their diet. Starting with meat and some chicken for protein intake. Include fish because it is good for their hairThe personality some greens like vegetables and fresh fruits. At Least 1 cup of dry foods should be given to Havanese every day. Make sure to know what they like most and what they don’t.  

Lots of dog foods are available in the market. Choosing the right one is very important. It should be rich in protein and essential nutrients. Do check the ingredients before buying and keep changing the flavors of dog food to maintain interest. Remember boring food will lead to weight loss for your dog. 

Avoid giving large meals all at once. Keep the meals divided into 4 parts so they don’t remain hungry and also get time to play and relax in between. Eating a large meal at once brings laziness into the body. Maintain your pet in fine shape by giving a nutrient-rich diet. 


Grooming is yet another thing of concern. Havanese has a thick, silky, smooth, and long coat. The whole body is filled with hair. Because of denser hair, grooming becomes important. Despite having lots of hair they do not shed much. So moderate grooming is all they need. Long hairs need regular brushing. Some people cut it to a shorter length for easy maintenance. 

Weekly brushing their teeth is mandatory to avoid any germs. Bath your Havanese regularly to keep their hair clean. You can prevent the tear stain by tieing the front hairs on top. It makes them look cute as well. Trimming their nails is also recommended. Once a month is okay for trimming nails. You will get to know when to trim nails by hearing the nails rubbing on the floor. 

Keep regular check-ups with the vet. It can prevent any underlying diseases. It is often better to groom your pets yourself. In this way, you get to know more about them. Trimming their hair properly is a bit hard to learn but with practice, you will get it right. You can also hire someone for grooming. 


Some health conditions common in Havanese are Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Perthes disease, heart issues, etc. Not all Havanese will suffer from this disease but you should keep on checking them with a good vet. Havanese are generally healthy. With proper diet and maintenance, everything goes fine. 

Always invest yourself in good breeders when buying a puppy. They keep the best quality puppies. Because they are small in size joint problems are what they face more. Never ignore any unusual activity of your pet. It may lead to harmful conditions later if ignored. 

After you adopt a dog it becomes your full responsibility. You cannot just leave or blame someone else for any health condition of your god. You have to take proper care and maintain regular check-ups with the vet. It becomes a commitment and also bond forms between the pet and owner. 


Havanese is a pet from Cuba. These are undoubtedly very popular. Its charm makes everyone fall for them. Havanese showers its affection on everyone including strangers. They are best for kids. Even Havanese like to play. They are never going to bore you in any case.

Havanese are not notorious. They do not have a bad habit of destroying furniture or spreading dirt. They are going to make a very good playful pet. Ideal for every type of home with every type of person. They are very trainable. Don’t take much time during their training. 

Playing with Havanese can be so enjoyable. They give quick responses and understand things faster. Dogs playing with kits and toys can keep them occupied if they’re home alone. So if you are planning to get one, you won’t regret it later for sure. Havanese are very gentle, humble, and cute. You must go for it after checking all the details of the dog. Havanese are going to be your company for life. 

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