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Great Dane the name itself signifies how great it would be. Yes, we are talking about this huge four-legged dog. It is also addressed as “Apollo of Dogs”. Being the tallest dog in the world is also the most intelligent one. Numerous qualities are loaded in this giant one. Great Dane is muscular, very strong, exceedingly powerful, and at the same time playful with people. 

Great Dane’s popularity speaks it all. It was conceived in Germany about 400 years ago. In the beginning, the Great Dane dog emerged into hunting deers and wild boar. Now the Great Danes serve in companionship. Talking about history, the Great Dane was created by a cross between an English Mastiff and an Irish Wolfhound.  

Its nature is so gentle which makes a Dane so desirable. Great Dane love to please people. They are also good with kids. Owning a Great Dean is not everybody’s cup of tea. It comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment. From Great Dane price in India to its rearing, you will get to know everything in this article. Keep reading to gather all the information related to the Great Dane. 

BREEDGreat Dane
LIFE SPAN6 to 8 years
LITTER SIZE About 8 puppies
COATThin, single, and short coat
COLOURFawn, blue, black, brindle, Pale-blue, and Spotted
TEMPERAMENTGentle, friendly, devoted, strong, loving, etc
HEIGHT112 cm in case of males and 76 to 81cm in case of females
WEIGHT78kg for males and 63kg for females

5,000 to 12,0000 INR


The average price of Great Dane in India ranges from 5,000 to 12,000 INR even reaching 28,000 INR. 
Great Dane Dog Price in India

In case of popularity, the Great Dane is the most popular one in the world. They are highly admired for their intelligence. There is a lot more to know about this giant gentle dog. Great Dane came into recognition in the year 1887, by the American Kennel Club. It came under the top 20 most popular dogs in America. 

Let’s take a look at the following list of prices in different cities in India. Below is the chart showing 11 cities with their prices for Great Dane. 

MUMBAI20,000 – 26,000
DELHI8,000 – 26,000
HIMACHAL PRADESH8,000 – 23,000
RAJASTHAN24,000 – 25,000
UTTAR PRADESH8,000 – 25,000
PUNE10,000 – 24,000
BANGLORE23,000 – 25,000
KOLKATA20,000 – 26,000
SRINAGAR8,000 – 20,000
VISHAKHAPATNAM20,000 – 24,000
VADODARA9,000 – 24,000
  1. PRICE IN MUMBAI – In Mumbai, a Great Dane male costs about 20,000-26,00 INR and for females it costs about 22,000-26,000 INR.
  2. PRICE IN DELHI NCR- Male Great Dane costs about 8,000-23,000 INR and for females, it costs about 10,000-23,000 INR in Delhi NCR.  
  3. PRICE IN HIMACHAL PRADESH- Great Dane price in Himachal Pradesh for males costs up to 8,000-25,000 INR and for females, it costs up to 10,000-25,000 INR.
  4. PRICE IN RAJASTHAN- The Great Dane price in Rajasthan costs about 22,000-24,000 INR for males and for females, it costs about 22,000-25,000 INR.
  5. PRICE IN UTTAR PRADESH- In Uttar Pradesh, the range of Great Dane is around 8,000-25,000 INR and for females, it ranges around 10,000-25,000 INR.
  6. PRICE IN PUNE- In Pune, the price of a Great Dane male is around 10,000-24,000 INR and for females, is around 12,000-24,000 INR.
  7. PRICE IN BANGALORE- In Bangalore, for a Great Dane, males may range up to 23,000-25,000 INR and for females, it may range up to 20,000-26,000 INR.
  8. PRICE IN KOLKATA- The cost of a Great Dane male is about 20,000-26,000 INR and for females, it costs about 22,000-26,000 INR in Kolkata.
  9. PRICE IN SRINAGAR- In Srinagar, the price of a male Great Dane is 8,000-20,000 INR and for females, it is 10,000-15,000 INR.
  10. PRICE IN VISAKHAPATNAM- The cost for males of Great Dane in Visakhapatnam is around 20,000-24,000 INR and for females, it costs around 20,000-23,000 INR.
  11. PRICE IN VADODARA-  In Vadodara, the price for Great Dane males is around 9,000-24,000 INR and for females, it costs around 12,000-24,000 INR. 

Although, these prices are not fixed amounts because they keep on changing from season to season. But, definitely, you will get an idea of the prices through this chart. 

Personality of Great Dane 

Great Dane is among one of the sweetest breeds worldwide. Its personality holds affection, sincerity, friendly, playful among the kids, and a lot more. It does not behave aggressively at all. Great Dane is always gentle. These qualities of this dog make the owners fall for them. However, it is not easy at all to adopt this giant friend. 

Rearing a Great Dane comes with countless responsibilities. One cannot keep a great Dane just for fun, it requires lots of care. Because of their gentle and friendly behavior, they are very handy to train. The trainers don’t take much time while training them. Talking about the looks, they seem so big, even bigger than humans when they stand on their two legs. 

With their astounding height, you may never feel afraid in scary situations. They look so giant that it automatically scares people sometimes. Great Dane’s neck is so long, like a camel’s. They have long straight legs with a flat structure overall. Ears are settled in a forwarding direction and have a medium-sized tail. These make an ideal pet for homes with children. 

Pros of Having a Great Dane

Great Dane comes with innumerable benefits as well. Great Dane is a very prominent guard. That means it can guard your home pretty well. Its friendly nature makes it easy to train. Great Danes tend to be on someone’s lap, thinking of themselves as a lapdog. Even if you keep on moving your hands or laps they will still stick to you. These kinds of activities also make them best for kids. Low barking tendency.  

A 10-20 minutes walk is all they need apart from playing and roaming in the home. Great Danes can mix with other animals quite proficiently. So if you have other pets you don’t have to worry about your Dane as it can be friendly to them as well. Danes do not like to be alone, they always wish to be around people. Easygoing to nurture them. 

Since their coats are thin and single, there is not a necessity for much grooming. Easy to groom with less time. Because they do not shed much. They just need to be brushed once a week. Hence, there is less grooming cost. Interactions with strangers are also good among great Danes. Great Danes will make you feel so connected because their tendency to bond is much faster than other dogs. 

Cons of Having a Great Dane

When talking about the cons, there might be some because every dog has it. The first thing that tops the list of cons is their poor lifespan. It might be saddening but,Ggreat Dane does not live much longer. Between 6 to 8 years, and most probably they can stretch to 10 years. But you will have good relations with your Great Dane. As they are large, their requirements are also large. Like food, yes your Great Dane can munch lots of meals a day. 

Space becomes the essential thing when having such a large pet. As mentioned above, they grow up to 32 inches and so require plenty of space to fit. Great Danes are not suitable for tiny houses. Since they eat a lot they eventually will poop it out that too in a huge quantity. So you need to take care of that too. The next thing that comes to the list is of course health issues. Liable to get bloated. 

Great Danes are a pet of high maintenance. Your bills for their food and drugs are going to be much more than a usual dog. Because of their large size, you will be needing to check for vacuuming the furniture and area where they stay the most for removing the hair. Other diseases also can affect them like cancers and heart diseases. Female Great Danes do have some mood swings, depending upon their hormones. 

Diet of the Great Dane

Great Danes needs at least 2,500 to 3,000 calories per day. Their diet includes a protein of a minimum of 25%. Putting meat, fish, and chicken should be the 1st priority in the diet. Carbs should be given in a lesser amount. Also, feed them with an adequate amount of calcium and phosphorus. Salmon is also a good choice. They like eating savory dishes, so make sure to add some savory dishes to their diet. 

Yogurt is also a good option but with a limited amount. Eggs, pork, turkey, and lean beef are what they are going to love. Cheese can also be included in their diet but in a very small amount. Great Dane eats more non-veg items rather than veggies. Make sure to feed them with all the mentioned items. 

Instead of giving them a large meal all at once, keep giving them meals at a regular interval in an adequate amount. This helps them in their digestion. Most people do the mistake of giving them all the food at once because it is a giant pet. This may result in bloating and indigestion of your dog. Always keep checking whether they like their meals or not. 


Grooming does not cost much in the great Dane’s case. Regular bathing is what comes in the grooming task. Weekly baths are okay for these giant pets. It is important so they don’t acquire any infection. Keep a drier before bathing them. As they are huge they need to be dried as soon as possible after the bath. This also helps in minimizing the shedding of their fur. 

A hydrating spray works best following the bath. This helps in maintaining the moisture level of their skin. Before bathing them you should clean their ears, trim their nails, clean anal glands, and dental hygiene. Great Danes do not need hair trimming. And overall grooming cost is not expensive and also easygoing. It also saves your time. 

Two to three times a week you should brush their teeth. It helps in removing any plaque buildup. Providing the right amount of nutrition to fill the needs of any deficiency is what it takes. Keeping your pet clean will cause you less worry about affecting the disease itself. 


Great Danes are undoubtedly an ideal pet. They are very suitable for families with small kids. Owning a Great Dane is a commitment because it is so huge. It looks so giant that it makes people afraid. But they are the most friendly and intelligent ones worldwide. No matter how giant and scary it may look to some people but it is never going to harm you or the kids. Their quality of patience and pleasing people is so astonishing.

Good training is all they need to learn things. They are not at all shy when it comes to playing. They are not lazy, they love moving around and cuddling. The more you touch them the more they will love it. They bond with people easily without taking much time. Their interaction with strangers is also very good. Socializing is vital for great Danes to grow and get along with the environment. 

Taking care of them in a proper way like it should be can make Great Dane a good pet. Do invest yourself in searing and gathering information before making any purchase of Great Dane. It is important to know in detail about this huge pet. Because it holds lots of responsibility. 

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