Chihuahua Price in India 2022 – [All Major Cities]

Chihuahuas are yet another charming breed. Small-sized but are quite witty and full of energy. These tiny ones have so many features. Master of its own accord is what they are. Considerably one of the smallest forms of purebred dogs. Possessing different personalities. Chihuahuas are a whole package of loyalty and companionship. They can compete in dog sports competitions. 

In 1904 Chihuahuas got recognition from the American Kennel Club. Being a toy breed, they also are intelligent and can be an excellent watchdog for your home. Do not possess much hair around the body. Comes under one of the excited dogs. Looks adorable due to its size. Often characterized as sassy and charming. These dogs are the national symbol of Mexico. They look so cute with a sweater on.

Some dogs also have hair of these breeds. Comprises almost every shade of brown, white, golden, and black. These dogs are into so much cuddling and playing. If you have set your eyes on them then you must be wondering what price they cost in India. Well, Chihuahua’s prices in India are not very expensive. These are great for small as well as big families. Keep on reading to know more about this tiny one.

LIFE SPAN12 to 20 years
LITTER SIZE2 to 5 puppies
COATSmooth, short, shiny coat
COLOURBrown, white, black, grey, fawn, etc.
TEMPERAMENTLoyal, aggressive. Alert, enthusiastic, courageous, etc.
HEIGHT15 to 32cm for males and 15 to 30cm for females
WEIGHT2.8 to 3.7kg for males and 2.3 to 3.3kg for females


The price of Chihuahua can vary from city to city. The average price of a Chihuahua is 4,000 to 25,000 INR.

Chihuahua do not cost much as compared to other dogs. These are highly inexpensive. Almost everyone can easily afford them. If price is something that is bothering you from buying a dog then Chihuahua is a great choice for you. It’s after costs are also not much. This could be a perfect fit for every type of home.

Chihuahua Dog Price in India

Chihuahuas are among the oldest breeds. Often termed as a toy breed. Do not just go for its looks. Because likewise they might appear the cutest one but are quite aggressive sometimes too. These tiny ones are energetic throughout the day. Not the lazy ones at all. But it is recommended that children under 8 years of age are not suitable for Chihuahuas. Let’s have a look at some cities and their prices for Chihuahua. 

MUMBAI20,000 – 26,000
DELHI20,000 – 26,000
PUNE18,000 – 25,000
TELANGANA16,000 – 26,000
HIMACHAL PRADESH20,000 – 22,000
HARYANA20,000 – 25,000
MADHYA PRADESH20,000 – 22,000
UTTRANCHAL21,000 – 24,000
BANGLORE24,000 – 25,000
KERALA18,000 – 20,000
RAJASTHAN20,000 – 22,000
GUJRAT19,000 – 22,000

PRICE IN MUMBAI – In Mumbai, the price of Chihuahua for pet quality starts from 20,000-26,000 INR and for show quality it goes up to 24,000-26,000 INR.

PRICE IN DELHI NCR – In Delhi, the cost for Chihuahua for pet quality is 20,000-25,000 INR and for show quality, it is about 22,000-25,000 INR.

PRICE IN PUNE – In Pune, the Chihuahua costs up to 18,000-25,000 INR for pet quality, and for show quality, it costs up to 20,000-25,000 INR.

PRICE IN TELANGANA – In Telangana, the cost for pet quality is about 16,000-26,000 INR and for show quality, it is about 22,000-26,000 INR for Chihuahua.  

PRICE IN HIMACHAL PRADESH – In HP the cost for a Chihuahua for pet quality is 20,000-22,000 INR and for show quality, it costs about 22,000-25,000 INR.

PRICE IN UTTRANCHAL – In Uttranchal, the price for Chihuahua for pet quality is about 21,000-24,000 INR and for show quality, it is about 24,000-26,000 INR.

PRICE IN BANGALORE – In Banglore, the price of a Chihuahua is about 24,000-25,000 INR for pet quality, and for show quality, it costs somewhere between 25,000-26,000 INR.

PRICE IN KERALA – In Kerala the price for the Chihuahua breed for pet quality is about 18,000-20,000 INR and for show quality, it is about 22,000-25,000 INR.

PRICE IN RAJASTHAN – In Rajasthan, the Chihuahua price for pet quality is about 20,000-22,000 INR and for show quality, it costs about 22,000-26,000 INR.

PRICE IN GUJARAT – In Gujarat, the price of a Chihuahua for pet quality is around 19,000-22,000 INR and for show quality, it costs up to 22,000-26,000 INR.

Above are some ranges of different cities of Chihuahua. This changes from year to year. You can get an idea from the above chart. Buying a dog from a good and famous breeder is always recommended. Do invest yourself in some research before making any purchase. Hopefully, this chart can give you a reference for the price of Chihuahua in India.

Personality of the Chihuahua

The personality of the Chihuahua is very enchanting. It has an apple-shaped face with a sleek short neck and big eyes. In the beginning, the ears of a Chihuahua are dropped but as they grow up the ears become erect. They have tiny legs, and hence are short. They are always enthusiastic even about small things. They are quite attention seekers. 

Chihuahuas are fun, loving, and loyal. Although, it can be a little fragile sometimes. They look smart and attractive. They are harsh towards strangers which indeed makes them good watchdogs. They come under the top 10 watchdogs. They act like lap dogs too sometimes. Because they love to cuddle with their owners. 

Its daring and confident look is what makes it more attractive than other dogs. They can be attacked by birds, giant dogs, etc. Never leave them in the backyard alone. Chihuahuas love to act superior in front of big dogs too even after knowing that they can cause harm. There is no room for an inferiority complex in this breed. Always ready to protect its owner and the home. There is a lot in its personality that draws attention to it. 

Pros of Having a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are quick learners. Although it is a matter of patience when training them they tend to learn fast. They can compete in dog shows and competitions. A great breed for dog sports. Due to their small size, they can fit into many places where it is hard to even think of. Their squeezing power is unmatchable. They can easily slip through corners and the tiniest places without any hurdle. They can even fit in tote bags. 

They are surely the cuddly breeds. Since they seek their owner’s attention and so keep following them from room to room. And yes they do not like to be left alone. They are a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. You can get tired but your little Chihuahua won’t. They can walk for more than 30 minutes straight. 

Long lives are yet another big pros of owning Chihuahuas. They are an ideal companion for a family and will spend their whole life with you up to a maximum of 20 years. They also are good with cats. This means you can keep both a cat and Chihuahua together and they may live like friends. They make a good addition to a family. Suitable for small houses too.  

Cons of Having Chihuahua

Chihuahuas have a few cons too. The first and foremost thing is that they are not good with strangers. They bark and inspect a lot on seeing someone unknown. They do not possess a friendly nature towards any other dogs. Mixing behavior with other breeds is low. Becomes fragile when alone. The tendency to bark is very high among these breeds. 

They are not recommended for children under the age of 8 years. Because they are not suitable for young children. These Little breeds are quite sensitive and hence fall at risk of health issues. Also, these breeds are not suitable for cold climates. They can even shiver when it is getting too cold outside. Keeping them in a sweater in winters is a necessity for these breeds. 

In Chihuahuas, a common issue occurs with wax buildup in the ears. They can even get dry skin in winters. Chihuahuas are quite moody. They get fragile easily. If not trained well from the beginning these little breeds can even make your move according to them. They are particularly controlling and aggressive. Also, they do not like changing their places. These can go from shy to confident very few times. 


Since Chihuahuas are a small breed, grooming cost is almost inexpensive. This little buddy of yours needs bathing and brushing. Though their hair is short you can still go trimming them. Hair should be soft and shiny after trimming. 

Like other dogs Chihuahuas also need a few grooming elements. For skin, hair, teeth, and nail trimmer. It will not take much time for grooming. The procedure goes on like brushing their body before taking them into the water to remove all the dirt particles. After this take them for bathing and use a dryer to dry them.

Diet of Chihuahua

Most of the time Chihuahua owners mistakenly make them obese which is not good for their health. These breeds are not very good when it comes to eating. Feeding the same food frequently makes them choosey. To avoid this issue be sure to serve your dog multiple different varieties of food. These tiny ones get bored of food easily.

40% of meat is necessary for your dog in their diet. You can give meat, chicken, beef, or fish. Include some greens like peas, carrots, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables. 

Meals are supposed to be three times a day at regular intervals. Dog foods are best like pedigree, science diet, etc. Do not feed them artificial flavors which come in packaged food. This may lead to many health issues like weakening of the immune system, low blood sugar levels, tooth decay, and many more. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K are what is needed for the diet of Chihuahuas. 

Never give food to your Chihuahua when they sit on your lap. This habit may lead to an urge to have food every time they get on your lap and may eat your food as well. It is better to keep them disciplined. They get notorious very fast. Take care of Chihuahuas’ diet by consulting a good vet. The common problems which are seen among Chihuahuas are skin and coat problems. Pay special attention to their skin.

Health Issues

Like every other dog, Chihuahuas also suffer from some diseases and health issues. The most common one is their skin shedding. And they also suffer from some joint pains. Luxating patella is one of the diseases that they suffer from. Tooth decay and oral cavity issues. Food particles get stuck in their teeth. Which in turn causes harm to their oral cavity.

Other diseases like spinal injuries, tracheal collapse, obesity, scleritis, etc. Prevention is better than cure so always be precautious. 


Chihuahuas are the most adorable and tiny ones with huge personalities. Their confidence level is up to the mark they are ready to attack even the giant ones. Do not underestimate them at all. Always curious. These tiny ones never get tired; they can play the whole day without getting tired. 

Bringing a Chi to your home could be a great choice. But, not with young kids. It could result in a never-ending issue if you let your child with a Chihuahua. Because they tend to slip away when not held properly. Such things may harm the kid as well as Chi. It is strictly recommended to not have Chi with children under the age of 8 years.

Chihuahuas are great for many qualities like devotion, loyalty, confidence, enthusiasm, and alert dogs. You will always stay happy and occupied with these dogs. Do go for it if these are suitable for you and your family. 

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