Key Services Your Vet’s Surgery Offer Besides Routine Check-Ups

Whether you own a cat, a dog, or a small animal, hopefully, you already know the supreme importance of registering them with a veterinary practice as soon as you bring them home, if not before. However, aside from routine check-ups and appointments, there is likely to be a plethora of additional services your veterinary surgery offers, which you may be as of yet entirely unaware of. So, with this in mind, continue reading to learn of some other key services your vet’s surgery offers besides these routine appointments.


Essentially, the process of neutering is a surgery established veterinary clinics perform with your animal under general anesthesia to remove some or all of your pet’s reproductive capabilities and thus prevent them from having babies.

Rather than a cruel act, not only can this guarantee that you are financially able to provide for the animals you currently have and do not end up with more than you bargained for, but in some cases, such as with rabbits, it can remove the risk of the development of common cancers.

Other benefits of neutering, spaying in females, and castration in males, include the prevention of tumors and the assistance in the prevention of aggressive behavior in other animals and humans.

Nails & Fur

Other services which established practices provide, such as Des Moines WA vet clinic, include nail trimming and fur grooming appointments, which veterinary nurses usually conduct.

You may well be fortunate enough to have an exceedingly well-behaved dog, for instance, who loves nothing more than you tenderly holding his paw in one hand and cutting his claws in the other, and if you are, you are lucky. In the vast majority of cases, cats, dogs, and rabbits hate their claws being cut, so it can be much easier and, frankly, less painful for you if you let your vet do it instead.


Just as with human beings, proper oral health is essential to the health and happiness of your animal; as such, you should be looking out for any issue with your pet’s teeth, mouth, and gums.

In the case of dogs and cats, giving them specific dental chews which have been developed to improve the strength and cleanliness of their teeth can go a long way to prevent any issue with their mouth and with rabbits, as their teeth constantly grow, as long as they are munching on hay all day long, you should not have an issue.

However, suppose you do find that your animal has problems with their teeth. In that case, your veterinary surgery will have the required provisions, equipment, and probably an x-ray machine to identify, diagnose and treat the problem.

In addition to the services outlined above, any reputable veterinary practice will also have an emergency out-of-hours service, so when you are looking for a vet, make sure that you can ring any time of the day or night should there be an emergency for your precious animal.

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