A selection of the best dog movies: download and enjoy

Dogs are loyal friends and popular characters of many movies. In this article, we have prepared a selection of the best dog movies that won’t leave children or adults indifferent. Download these movies and enjoy watching them with your family and friends.

  • “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009). The film is based on the true story of the loyalty of a Japanese Akita breed dog named Hachiko. Starring Richard Gere and an Akita named Chino. The film tells of an extraordinary friendship between a professor and his dog that lasted even after his master’s death.
  • “Old Yeller” (1957). A classic American film about the adventures of a young boy named Travis and his faithful dog named Al Liler. The story of courage, bravery and self-sacrifice earned critical and audience acclaim.
  • “Marley & Me” (2008). In this family comedy based on the book of the same name, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson play a young couple who decide to get a Labrador retriever dog named Marley. The movie shows how Marley turns their lives upside down, but will also teach them a lot about love and responsibility.
  • “Beethoven” (1992). A comedy about the Newton family and their unusual pet, a huge Saint Bernard named Beethoven. The film will delight children and adults alike with its funny and touching story lines.

How to download movies

All of the above films can be downloaded from The Pirate Bay, a popular torrent tracker. In addition to dog movies, thousands of other cinematic masterpieces, music, games, and programs are available on this resource. To start downloading, you will need to install a torrent client and register on the site. Using The Pirate Bay, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find and download any movies, including fascinating stories about dogs. Enjoy watching and share your experiences with your friends!

Other great dog movies

If you’ve already seen all of the films in our selection, don’t limit yourself to them. Here are some more great dog movies to watch:

  • “Lady and the Tramp” (1955). This Disney animated film tells the story of a romantic love affair between a rich and sophisticated dog lady named Lady and a street tramp named Tramp. The film will delight you with its tenderness and musical numbers.
  • “A Dog’s Purpose (2017). Based on the book of the same name, the film tells the story of a dog who goes through several lives, changing owners and trying to understand his destiny and purpose of existence. Many viewers note the deep meaning and emotionality of this picture.
  • “Air Bud” (1997). A film about the funny story of a dog named Buddy who discovers his talent for playing basketball. This family film was the first in a series of five films about Buddy’s adventures in various sports.


Now that you have a huge selection of the best dog movies, enjoy watching and share your experiences with your family and friends. There is always something new and exciting in the movie world to surprise and inspire.

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