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A dog that has recently started gaining more and more fans with each passing day is Chow Chow. What a cute name right? Not just a cute name though! They are one of the most adorable looking breeds with their thick double coat and square shaped body. This increased popularity of Chow Chows in India has brought forth a large number of willing dog owners, with the intent of adopting them. This article is to help all those pet lovers have their queries answered and doubts cleared before making the decision to bring a Chow Chow into their life. 

With the basic characteristic features of a Chow Chow covered, let’s move onto the next part of the article which is where we will be discussing all kinds of expenses related to Chow Chows. The initial question that every willing dog owner might have at this moment is “What is the price of Chow Chow dogs in India?” Worry not! As today we will not just be telling you the prices of Chow Chowdogs in India but also the related expenses that are to come after you bring your Chow Chow home. So buckle up!!

BREED Chow Chow
LIFE SPAN11 to 13 years
LITTER SIZE 4 to 7 puppies
COATThick double coat that is sometimes smooth and sometimes rough
COLOR Red, Reddish-brown, Cinnamon, Black, Cream, Blue
TEMPERAMENTGentle, friendly, intelligent, loyal etc
HEIGHT 43cm to 56cm for males and 38cm to 42cm for females.
WEIGHT18kg to 41kg for males and 16kg to 39kg for females.
Chow Chow Price In India30,000 to 70,000 INR


The price of Chow Chows in India ranges from 30,000 INR and can go upto an amount of 70,000 INR.
Chow Chow price

Following we have put together a price list of Chow Chows in different cities of India, to help potential buyers get a better idea.

It should be kept in mind that this is just a basic list put together after comparing prices of various breeders from all over India and online dog adoption sites. There can still be fluctuations in prices as there is no set value over the dogs. The need to negotiate might arise depending on your budget.


MUMBAI35,000 - 45,000
DELHI38,000 - 50,000
KOLKATA30,000 - 45,000
PUNE33,500 - 47,000
JAIPUR30,000 - 46,000
KERALA37,000 - 52,000
AHMEDABAD35,000 - 51,000
HYDERABAD32,000 - 47,400
MAHARASHTRA29,000 - 42,000
TAMILNADU35,000 - 49,500
  1. PRICE IN MUMBAI – Chow Chows can cost you around 35,000 INR to 45,000 INR for a double coat.
  2. PRICE IN DELHI –  Double coat Chow Chows are 38,000 INR to 50,000 INR.
  3. PRICE IN KOLKATA – For double coats, the price hikes up to 30,000 INR to 45,000 INR.
  4. PRICE IN PUNE –  For double coats, it’s around 33,500 INR to 47,000 INR.
  5. PRICE IN JAIPUR – Chow Chows with double coated fur will cost you 30,000 INR to 46,000 INR.
  6. PRICE IN KERALA –  In case of double coated Chow Chows the price rises up to 37,000 INR to 52,000 INR.
  7. PRICE IN AHMEDABAD – Charges range from 35,000 INR to 51,000 INR for Chow Chows in Ahmedabad.
  8. PRICE IN HYDERABAD – Basic price for Chow Chows start from 32,000 INR to 47,400 INR.
  9. PRICE IN MAHARASHTRA – Double coat Chow Chows can cost you 29,000 INR to 42,000 INR.
  10. PRICE IN TAMILNADU –  Breeders will charge you around 35,000 INR to 49,500 INR for Chow Chows in Tamilnadu.
  11. PRICE IN RAJASTHAN – They charge around 30,00 INR to 50,000 INR for double coat Chow Chows.
  12. PRICE IN HIMACHAL PRADESH -Chow Chows in cold regions like Himachal Pradesh cost around 27,000 INR to 44,000 INR for double coat.
  13. PRICE IN MADHYA PRADESH –  Price of Chow Chow dogs MP is 31,000 INR to 45,000 INR.
  14. PRICE IN KARNATAKA – Price of double coat Chow Chows exceed the price tag of 38,000 INR to 51,000 INR.
  15. PRICE IN CHENNAI –  Chow Chows with double coats in Chennai cost around 31,000 INR to 46,000 INR.

India has seen a huge surge in the growth of pet lovers in the last couple of decades with dogs leading the list. There are a number of dogs that have won the hearts of many such dog lovers like the Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and so many more.


The most prominent feature of a Chow Chow lies in their double coated fur and massive size. They need high quality dog food which has a high concentration of protein and other supplements needed for their growth and development. Therefore, good dog food will charge you around 10,000 INR to 15,500 INR.


Regular vet check-ups will cost you around 12,000 INR to 17,000 INR. Vaccines cost around 2,500 INR to 4,000 INR.

Deworming is very important for all types of dogs and must never be skipped. Expect a bill of around 200 INR to 500 INR for deworming medicines.


Neutering is important for Chow Chows and is hugely recommended by professional breeders too as it comes with several health advantages. 

In India, neutering charges range from 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR. Keep in mind that price differences may be noticed when you compare among other states.


It’s a known fact that the thick and coarse fur of Chow Chows is one of their most prominent aspects. The puffy and furry and exotic coat of the Chow must be groomed and maintained at all cost.

Any dog parlor will charge you a good amount of 4,000 INR to 6,000 INR. Chow Chows have a tendency to shed a lot. To prevent your furry friend from losing all their puffy coats, hair care products must be top notch and gentle on them as well. Hair and skin care products alone will cost you around 2,000 INR to 3,000 INR


Apart from these, you will also need a bed and kennel, bowls for food and water, high quality leash and chain and so on. 

Chow Chows thrive on human company. They are fiercely loyal and playful at the same time. You can spend hours playing with them, taking them out on walks and so on. They will wag their tail and look at you with their brightest eyes after every such play session and that happiness radiating from your dog will be your reward.


Chow Chows are intelligent and really obedient and well behaved pups. They can follow orders and instructions really well which is why you might assume that it is quite easier to train them than other dogs. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is not the entire truth.

Not every ride is smooth. They might be good listeners compared to others, but for them to listen to you, you need to build enough trust between the two of you which might take a while. Chow Chows are stubborn and to put it bluntly, lazy. Forcing them to go out of their way is not the trick. Understanding your Chow and his or her limits and acting accordingly while slowly increasing those limits is what a good trainer should do. Training should always be conducted and supervised by a professional trainer who has had many experiences with training dogs before. Most of the time they are appointed by the breeder you adopted your Chow Chow from. Now that sure is convenient.

Trainers usually charge around 10,000 INR to 20,000 INR on a monthly basis.


As a dog that may end up making you spend at least 1 lac annually for themselves, it’s better to consider pet insurance. Getting pet insurance for your Chow Chow as they have a tendency to get aggressive around strangers and even bite them at occasions. Hence why a pet insurance for your Chow Chow might help in covering legal expenses in such unfortunate cases. will cost you 6,000 INR to 9,000 INR. Make sure to get theft cover as well.


Dogs are a lifelong responsibility and once you adopt them you should only provide the best for them.

Help them live a happy life and they will help you live a happy life in return. Loneliness will be a faraway nightmare once you bring them home and they will stay. They are called “Man’s best friend” for a reason after all.

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