Akita Dog Price in India [2024] with All Expenses

Akitas are a big breed of dogs, hailing from the mountains or the adjoining regions. There are two strains of Akitas one being the Japanese Strain known as Akita Inus and the second one being the American Akita. Indian folks have recently developed a liking for these dogs, making the market bigger for both the types of Akitas. Today we will be discussing the pricing of both these dogs in India while trying to answer as many doubts and questions as we can of potential dog parents.

Let’s start with the Japanese strain first. Akitas having the Japanese strain are called Akita Inus. Inu actually means dog in Japanese, therefore their name. Akitas having the Japanese strain come in a smaller range of colors like ginger, red, brindle or white, white being the most dominant and present in almost all of the colors. They have a short double coat and are similar to the Spitz breed like the Siberian Husky. They are independent and strong headed dogs with a natural aloof nature to strangers.

With this, we will now be tackling the frequently asked questions. What is the price of Akita Inus in India? Don’t worry as you will soon have all your questions answered so hold on tight!

BREED Akita Inu
LIFE SPAN10 years
LITTER SIZE 3 to 12 puppies
COATShort double coat
COLOR White, Brindle, Red and Ginger
TEMPERAMENTIndependent, dominant, powerful
HEIGHT 64cm to 69cm for males and 58cm to 64cm for females.
WEIGHT27kg to 42kg for males and 25kg to 36kg for females.
Akita Inu Price In India1,50,000 to 2,00,000 INR


This next information might come as a real shocker to you so prepare yourself. The price of Akita Inus in India is around 1,50,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR. Told you!
AKITA INUS price in india

If you are sure you can afford such an expensive dog, only then should you proceed with the adoption.

Next we have a list cumulated with the prices of Akita Inus in different cities of India.


MUMBAI1,55,000 - 1,75,000
DELHI1,55,000 - 1,69,000
CHENNAI1,55,000 - 1,75,000
KOLKATA1,70,000 - 1,85,000
JAIPUR1,70,000 - 1,86,000
KERALA1,70,000 - 1,95,000
PUNJAB1,65,000 - 1,98,000
PUNE1,60,000 - 1,80,000
BANGALORE1,62,000 - 1,80,000
HYDERABAD1,65,000 - 1,78,000
  1. PRICE IN MUMBAI – Male Akita Inu dogs are more expensive than the female ones and can cost you 1,55,000 INR to 1,75,000 INR. Females cost less and are around 1,50,000 INR to 1,69,000 INR.
  2. PRICE IN DELHI – The average price of male Akita Inus in Delhi starts from 1,55,000 INR to 1,72,000 INR. Female Sammies cost even less and are around 1,50,000 INR to 1,67,000 INR.
  3. PRICE IN CHENNAI – Male Akita Inus cost around 1,55,000 INR to 1,75,000 INR, making the females cost around 1,50,000 INR to 1,70,000 INR.
  4. PRICE IN KOLKATA – The price of male Akita Inus dogs in Kolkata starts from 1,70,000 INR to 1,85,000 INR. For females, it is around 1,55,000 INR to 1,68,000 INR.
  5. PRICE IN JAIPUR – Price range for male Akita Inus in Jaipur starts from 1,70,000 INR to 1,86,000 INR making the females cost around 1,57,000 INR to 1,70,000 INR.
  6. PRICE IN KERALA – Male Akita Inus cost around 1,70,000 INR to 1,95,000 INR. Female ones cost around 1,63,000 INR to 1,75,000 INR.
  7. PRICE IN PUNJAB – Male Akita Inus puppies will cost you 1,65,000 INR to 1,98,000 INR, whereas female Sammies will cost you 1,55,000 INR to 1,79,000 INR.
  8. PRICE IN PUNE – The price range for male Akita Inus in Pune starts from 1,60,000 INR and can go upto 1,80,000 INR. For females it can start from 1,52,000 INR and can reach upto 1,70,000 INR.
  9. PRICE IN BANGALORE – Price of male Akita Inu dogs can start from 1,62,000 INR to 1,80,000 INR. For females it ranges from 1,50,000 INR to 1,60,000 INR.
  10. PRICE IN HYDERABAD – Price of male Akita Inus puppies range from 1,65,000 INR to 1,78,000 INR. For females it starts from 1,53,000 INR to 1,67,000 INR.

Now let us come to the other breed of Akita which is the American Akita. The American Akita began to part ways with the Japanese Akita post the Second World War. After being brought to America by Hellen Keller, this breed started gaining a significant amount of popularity that resulted in them being bred in a good amount all over America. However, after many stages of cross breeding, the American Akita took the shape of a more bear-like dog than the small framed Akita Inu. And not so surprisingly, the Americans started preferring that more and that is how we have reached the current appearance of the American Akita.

American Akitas are therefore bigger than the Japanese Akita Inu and exhibit a more bear-like appearance. They are aloof around strangers and always on guard. Thanks to their big body, they work not only good at domestic dogs but extremely well as guard dogs as well. American Akitas mostly come in sable colors that have pinto patterns on them. They have a black face which is known as the black mask that covers their entire face, nose and even ears. A short double coat is common keeping in mind their origin which is from the mountains. They are very healthy dogs and rarely fall sick. However the India tropical weather might not be that good for them and will probably lead to dehydration and overheating of your Akita. This goes for both the breeds of the Akitas.

Now comes the million dollar question. “What is the price of American Akitas in India?“. Fear not, as we have got you covered.


Be ready to get shocked! American Akitas in India cost around 1,50,000 INR and that is just for puppies. So unless you can make sure that you can afford such an expensive dog don’t go through the trouble of losing hair and sleep and even time considering it!


Usually dog food will cost you around 2,000 INR to 4,000 INR if you decide to go for good quality food. Akitas have a tendency to gain weight so make sure you weigh their food properly before giving them.

Akita Dog price in india


Akitas are normally very healthy dogs and rarely fall sick. Still vaccination is unskippable and therefore will cost you around 2,000 INR. Deworming will be like 500 INR to 1,000 INR.


Although the overall process might be very painful, neutering for males and spaying for females help protect not only Akitas but a lot of different dogs from diseases like cancer and so much more.

Neutering and spaying cost for Akitas in India is around 15,000 INR to 25,000 INR.


Leather leashes, high-quality chains, kennels, belts, water and food bowls and most importantly toys are necessary accessories for your pup. Akitas might be big huggable dogs but they’re still four pawed babies. 

Monthly accessory cost will be around 2,000 INR and sometimes more if your decide to pamper your Akita.


Akitas are very sharp and intelligent dogs therefore training will only help them hone their already existing skills and abilities. Because of their big physique, they have a tendency to gain weight. Therefore keeping them in regular exercise and tracking their weight will be a task of utmost importance. Trainers usually charge around 15,000 INR to 20,000 INR.


Travelling with a dog of such a huge size is a lot of hassle. Not just that, Indian Railways do not allow pets to travel with you, keeping them in a separate non air conditioned coach. For dogs who hail from mountains such a condition will lead them to overheat and dehydrate. Therefore, if you’re planning on travelling with your Akita airlines will be the best option for you. Don’t forget to keep aside a big amount for that though!


For a dog this costly, getting pet insurance will be a very good idea. There are a lot of plans to choose from so don’t hold back on the research and look up for the best insurance available for you Akita.


Akitas are very expensive dogs that come with a lot of hard work on the pet parents’ end. So it is requested that before adopting your Akita, make sure to do your research properly and be aware of your capabilities in providing for your dog. Both financially and emotionally!

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